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Bring Elegance to Energy Efficiency

Insulated curtains are energy efficient; they are made of a quality durable fabric, with an insulating backing that helps to stop the cold from the windows or patio door in winter / heating of the sun in summer. You will receive great customer service and affordable prices.

One of the least energy efficient parts of houses are windows, especially in older buildings. We can significantly improve insulation values of our homes by using thermal insulated window curtains. They are just the finishing touch your home needs. 

 Thermal Insulated Polyester Pinch Pleated Drapes.   


Our company conducted experiments on the energy saving of our insulated drapes and they more than doubled the insulation value of a double pane window system (comparing bare frameworks with panes to ones covered by energy saving curtains).

Have you ever wondered, why royalty put tapestries and carpets on their castle walls? The simple answer is for insulation, comfort and beauty. Because they were expensive and beautiful they have been adored by many generations. Many apartment buildings in Eastern Europe are reinforced concrete structures. People hang carpets on many of their walls. They are lovely and add to the insulation of their apartments.

Superior Energy Efficient Window Coverings

We are bringing you the stylish designs and high quality. 

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If you happen to find a manufacturing defect in our drapes, we will replace them for free and reimburse the return shipping expense.

With one-stop shopping at our online store, superior quality energy efficient curtains, you can be confident that we are supplying you with the finest products, backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

In our Internet store you can shop either by Size or by Color and Pattern, or by Style for your convenience in finding what best suits your taste and need.

Customer Testimonial:

Finding affordable curtains that were still attractive... was a problem.
It was my first time ordering from ThermalWindowCurtains.com so I was nervous... I never had to contact customer service but the entire site was easy to use and shipping was much faster than I was expecting. After we put the curtains up throughout the house, our power bill literally dropped 40% compared to where it was last year. On top of that, everyone that comes over always comments how much they love what I've done with the windows… Read more

Jade Pharris, Alabaster, Alabama. 

Five major issues in choosing the right draperies for you room are

Size, Color, Light Blocking (Penetrating), Thinness / Thickness of Fabric, Washable vs Dry Clean 

Failure to consider these things may cause different problems. Read more...

How much difference in saving can such window coverings make? Let's take a look at heating bills of one family, which moved in a house with bare windows at Christmas time and by the end of January installed insulating curtains. The first month their heating bill was $362, the next month it dropped to $200. Read more and see copies of the bills...

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 (Proverbs of Solomon 24:3-4)

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