Cornwall Insulated Pinch Pleated Drapes PAIR Standard Size & SHORTER LENGTH
Cornwall Insulated Pinch Pleated Drapes PAIR Standard Size & SHORTER LENGTH
Multi Color Jacobean Floral print insulated Cornwall drapeCornwall fabric swatch up close
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Jacobean Floral Print

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Face: 100% polyester fabric
Back: 100% Acrylic foam lining

Color: Multi Color Floral Print on White background, Jacobean style


 48" wide (two of 24" wide panels) x 63" tall/long
 48" wide (two of 24" wide panels) x 72" tall/long
 48" wide (two of 24" wide panels) x 84" tall/long
 96" wide (two of 48" wide panels) x 84"  tall/long
144" wide (two of 72" wide panels) x 84" tall/long 
Matching patio door drapes can be ordered on a separate page.
Length and width are measured overall, from the top edge of the drape to the bottom edge.

The height of the pleat (the distance from the top of the drape to the end of the pleated area where hooks go under) is 4 inches.

Width, Pleats and Hardware Information
48" wide (two of 24" wide panels)
Covers up to 46" of window width.
Each pair has 10 pleats / 5 per panel and in order to hang it requires 14 drapery hooks or rings.

96" wide (two of 48" wide panels)
Covers up to 94" of window width.
Each pair has 22 pleats (11 per panel) and in order to hang it requires 26 drapery hooks or rings.

144" wide (two of 72" wide panels)
Covers up to 141" of window width.
Each pair has 34 pleats (17 per panel) and in order to hang it requires 38 drapery hooks or rings.
Drapes help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows. 

Made in China.

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).
Care Instructions: Machine washable.

We usually ship out this product within 2-3 weeks if in stock. Customized (shorter length) orders take longer.

*  *  *

We offer a unique "Customized to shorter length" curtains ordering option to help you get the items you want in the length you need.

We are charging $5.00 Customization Fee for shortening one pair of curtains.

The length / height you choose has to be SHORTER than the listed lengths.

We customize the curtains which are already made, so there is a LIMIT on how many inches shorter you want your custom drape to be. If it is 6 inches shorter or more than 6", it can be done. If you want the length just 1-5 inches shorter than the nearest standard size, it is not possible, (because the hem has to be cut off), but is possible with the next (longer) standard size. So if you want your curtains to be just 1-5 inches shorter, please, choose longer standard size curtains to order.

For example: If you need a pair of curtains to finish 58 inches long, and our web site lists 63" and 72 inches tall, we can customize the longer size (72 inches tall) to a finished length of your specifications, i.e. 58 inches long.

In this case we also recommend considering Customized Width and Length drapes, where you can have drapes of any length, up to 108" long drapes with widths 50" wide, 75" wide, 100" wide, 125" wide and 150" wide.

Please, note, the length of the drapes should be in WHOLE inches, not in a half inch or fraction of an inch. For example, you cannot choose length 77 1/2 inches long, instead specify 77" or 78" long drapes.

How to Order Customized (Shorter) Lengths:

  • Order the next longest length larger than the length you need.
  • During checkout, type in the "Customized length” field what length you need these curtains to be.
    For example, you may type “Please customize to finish 64 inches long overall” or “Hem these curtains to 61” long."

Important Note: Customized Length Curtains are NON-RETURNABLE / Non-Refundable because these items have been customized to your specified size length.

We recommend first to order a Free Fabric Swatch for the curtain style you are interested in, before placing your custom order. This will allow you to make sure the fabric quality & colors will meet your expectations and needs before placing your customized length order with us.

Please, be aware that we do not customize the width.

The price you see in the menu is sale price for a pair of Cornwall insulated curtains.

Questions and Answers about Cornwal Drapes

Q. I am confused by the two small square colors shown; we prefer the color square on the right 

A. It is the same Cornwall fabric, photo on the left shows the drape that has folds / waves, picture on the right shows the fabric when it lays flat. 

If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match
Why? The answer is posted HERE

Insulated Curtains:
Lined, Foam Backed, 
Woven Design, TermaSheer
Blackout and More

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Except Crosby, Fireside & Cornwall

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