Blackout Insulated Curtains

Blackout Insulated Curtains

Blackout Insulated Window Curtains offer stylish design and are able to keep the sunlight out when needed. Sometimes referred to as blackout window treatments, room darkening curtains or a black out window curtain. 

Please, notice, that Total Blackout Panels like Navar and Ventura, block 100% of the light. Room Darkening Curtains, like Prescott, block lots of light, but not as much as total blackout panels. 

Thermalogic Blackout Insulated Liners allow you to add Light Blocking and Thermal Properties to your existing window coverings.
Another useful thing to know. The darker the color of the fabric, the more light it blocks. Very dark color curtains which are NOT blackout per se (Chocolate, Navy) are very good light blockers; they block almost all the light. All our Blackout Thermal curtains come in Grommet Top design. If you are looking for Pinch Pleated or Tab Top blackout drapes, you may want to consider Fireside Chocolate color curtains. That is why we added Fireside to this category.

All our blackout curtains are insulated thermal and perfect for use in a Bedroom or any living area where you want be able to close your window treatments to block out the outside light. 

Q&A About Blackout Curtains

Q. Where are your Blackout curtains made, in what country?

A.  Our Blackout Grommet Top Curtains are made in China, but they are developed and marketed in the USA. In other words, their fabric composition, styling, size, including dyes and foam backing are developed in the USA.

Fireside Chocolate color Tab Top and Pinch Pleated 
are made in the United States, They are not technically blackout, but due to the dark color they block most of the light and. The Fireside fabric is manufactured in the USA also.

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