Overstock Sale: Fireside Brown Insulated Pinch Pleated Drapes Pair 48" W x 54" L 60% Off
Overstock Sale: Fireside Brown Insulated Pinch Pleated Drapes Pair 48" W x 54" L 60% Off
Fireside Insulated pinch pleated drapesFireside Chocolate Brown color insulated fabric
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Insulated Chocolate Brown solid color 48" wide (two of 24" wide panels) x 54" tall Pinch Pleated drapes are currently on Sale. We have just 1 pair of the drapes left for that price. You may order more pairs like that for regular price here - http://www.thermalwindowcurtains.com/thermal-pinch-pleat-drapes-fireside

These popular pinch pleated curtains are made with a high quality 100% cotton duck cloth fabric, which has an insulating foam backing (composed of 80% acrylic / 20% cotton) to help stop the heating effects of the sun or cold from your windows or patio door.

Sold as a pair (2 panels).

Brown solid color Fireside Drapery Panels size is 48" wide x 54" long. This width covers up to 48" of window width. Length is measured overall, and width is measured overall per pair - two 24 inches wide pieces.

Pinch pleat drapery panels require the use of one drapery rod or traverse rod (opens & closes) with drapery hooks or drapery rings with pinch clips. This pair has 10 pleats (5 per panel) and in order to hang it requires 14 drapery hooks or rings. The distance between pleats is 4 inches; the space from the last pleat to the edge of the drape is also 4 inches.

Main picture shows a pair of Fireside insulated drapes of a different color. Please, clilck on the small picture to see the Chocolate Brown solid color of the fabric.

Pinch pleat drapery panels require the use of one drapery rod or traverse rod (opens & closes) with drapery hooks or drapery rings with pinch clips.

Made in the USA.

We usually ship out Overstock Sale products within 1-2 business days.

Care Instructions: Manufacturer of this fabric recommends Dry Cleaning for this fabric made of 100% cotton.


All Curtain products (panels and valances) of the same color fabric from Overstock Sale are made from the same bolt of fabric and their color shades perfectly match. If you decide to order same style and color curtain products from General stock (that are NOT on Overstock Sale) and combine them with products on Overstock Sale, there may not be the perfect match in color. They will still be the same color, but subtle color difference is possible between them. Items in general stock are made to order and are shipped from the warehouse, while products on Overstock Sale have been already made and are shipped from a different location, so there is no way to match the color shades of items from both sources.
Different bolts of fabrics of the same color may have subtle color differences because of new die lot used by fabric manufacturers in every new bolt. When an order goes into production, the products of general stock are made to order from the same bolt of fabric. No fabric is kept to guarantee a match to a color shade. So if you by any chance decide to order curtain products for same window or room both from 1) Overstock Sale for a discounted price and from 2) General stock for a regular price, there is a possibility that the color shades will not perfectly match, though they will be very close.

Some people do not care or notice the difference in those color shades, but there are others who are sensitive to subtleties and concerned about perfect match of colors. In case you care about the perfect color match, a wise move will be to order either ALL the products from Overstock Sale or ALL the products for regular price from general stock, and do not mix those 2 stocks.

If you do not really care about curtain color subtleties, you may disregard this disclaimer and order whatever you want and how you want.

Feed Backs from Customers Who Bought Fireside Pinch Pleated Drapes:

I needed curtains for an odd-sized window. The biggest hang-up was making sure the sizing and style were just what I wanted. The curtains were well made. They were shortened just right to my specifications and were made with quality material. When I had questions I got a reply quickly from a real person. I really appreciate the prompt and courteous e-mail response to my questions and concerns. It's nice to know that there is a real human being checking and answering e-mail inquiries. Thank you.
Brenda, Glenrock, Wyoming

I needed new thermal drapes. The biggest hang-up for me was finding all the details I needed in a drape and I found it in your site. After buying your drapes I felt that after 6 months I found the product I needed and wanted. I will be ordering a new patio drape in the near future. The best features for me were how easy it was to order the drapes and the quality of the drapes when they arrived. They keep the cold out, they hang perfect and the color was perfect. I already have recommended your product. Everything was perfect. There is nothing you could do the site it is perfect.
Cathleen, Roseburg, Oregon 

My existing curtains were so old they were starting to disintegrate. I wanted to replace them. So I called to clarify a point, and the representative answering the phone was knowledgeable about my order. I would recommend your curtains to anyone who asks.
 Susie, Mobile, Alabama

I needed to block out the sun and was looking for energy-saving curtains. But I couldn't find foam-backed (or any other) good energy-saving curtains. I ordered free swatches - they came very quickly with a personal email. I immediately liked the fabric (front and back). The customer service was personalized, informative and friendly. As mentioned above, I received a follow-up personal email about the curtains and other things I could do to block the sun's heat. The swatches are sturdy, pretty and what I was looking for. Everything has gone perfectly so far!
S.S., Houston, Texas 
I had hard time finding a curtain that would do the job. It was so easy for me to use internet. I would recommend your product to anyone who needs a curtain.
Richard, Malvern, Pennsylvania

You guys are doing a good job. Checkout process was easy once I knew I could use pay pal. I received my order in pristine condition and like the curtains.
Vicki, New Bern, North Carolina  
My pinch pleated drapes were shipped next day (!!) and arrived in a mint condition.
Denise, Grants Pass, Oregon

Existing curtains came with the house. They were old, sun bleached, out dated and very fragile. There are plenty of things that needed fixing around the house, it's hard justify the expense with so many other things that need fixing. Also it was difficult to select a color that will "match" the interior. I have no interior design skills.
The Fireside curtains seem strong and durable. They were also made in the USA which was a welcome surprise. Most every other curtain I looked at was listed as "imported" which is usually code from chinese junk.
Natural color helps brighten the room (walls are knotty pine, old curtains were plaid/dark) and the linings should help maintain the warmth this winter. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for curtains.
Jeff, Adams, Massachusetts 
I had to re-drape a rental unit with a short turn around and, I remembered that I had purchased from you before and, the order was easy and shipped quickly. I appreciate courtious customer service and the product was exactly what I needed. It met my needs.
M. M., Tahoe City, California 
I was looking for pinch pleated thermal drapes. Very hard to find in stores. I was unsure of how fabric would look and measurements. I appreciated good selection of products and color. Reasonable prices. Happy with the quality of the drapes and fit. Happy with the color and texture of drapes. I ordered what I needed. Custom hemming which saved me a lot of work. Was very pleased with custom hemming.
Mariann, Chicago, Illinois 

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