Conrad Insulated Grommet Print Cotton Look 40" wide 84", 95", 108" Tall Panel
Conrad Insulated Grommet Print Cotton Look 40" wide 84", 95", 108" Tall Panel
Conrad Grey Curtain PanelsConrad Grey Close UpGrommet panels overlapping
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Conrad Thermalogic Grommet Curtain Panel
Printed "distressed medallion" on Cotton Look base cloth

Face: 100% Polyester
Back: 96%  Payon, 4% Other.
          White color lining bonded to the face layer. Meets condominium requirements.
Colors: Grey  
Six (6) Matt Silver Metal Grommets per panel
           40" wide x 84" tall
           40" wide x 95" tall 
           40" wide x 108" tall

Maximum width this single panel will accommodate is 34-35".

You may use more than two panels for the same window. Grommets allow to place several panels in the same window without spaces between curtains, like it is shown in the very last picture with green curtains.

Window Width                  Panels required

up to 35 inches                    1-2
36-70 inches                        2-3
71-105 inches                      3-4 
106-140 inches                    4-5
141-175 inches                    5-6
176-210 inches                    6-7
211-245 inches                    7-8
Inside diameter of grommets is 1 1/2". 
1" Side hems
3" Bottom hem
Sold as One (1) Panel, Not a Pair

Common practice is to display 2 panels.

Care Instructions: Machine Washable. Cold water, no chlorine bleach. Line dry

Made in China

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If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match

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