Cornwall Insulated Rod Pocket Swag Pair
Cornwall Insulated Rod Pocket Swag Pair
Cornwall fabric swatch up closeCornwall Swag with Valance in beween. Customer's image
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Jacobean Floral Print Thermal Swags

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Face: 100% polyester fabric
Back: 100% Acrylic foam lining

Color: Multi Color Floral Print on White background, Jacobean style


          80" wide (two of 40" wide panels) x 36" tall/long
          80" wide (two of 40" wide panels) x 63" tall/long
Width are measured overall, from the left edge of the swag to the right edge.

Length indicates the longest point of the swag. The shortest point is 14" long / tall. It comes in 2 panels.

Swag has 3 inches Rod Pocket and 
2 inches header above it (it is 16" tall with the header)

Cornwall Insulated fabric helps stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows. 

Made in the USA.

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).
Care Instructions: Machine washable.

We usually ship out this product within 2-3 weeks if in stock. 

The price you see in the menu is sale price for a pair of Cornwall insulated Swag.

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