Crosby Thermal Drapes Pinch Pleated PAIR Standard Size & SHORTER LENGTH
Crosby Thermal Drapes Pinch Pleated PAIR Standard Size & SHORTER LENGTH
Slate BlueSage Green
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Crosby Insulated Pinch Pleated Polyester Washable
Drapes PAIR

Please, scroll to the bottom of the page to select color, size and see the prices.

Face: 100% polyester fabric 
Back: 100% Acrylic foam lining, white color.

Solid Colors available: Slate Blue
                                      Sage Green 

Sizes Available
48" wide (two of 24" wide panels) x 63" tall/long 
48" wide (two of 24" wide panels) x 84" tall/long 
96" wide (two of 48" wide panels) x 84" tall/long 
144" wide (two of 72" wide panels) x 84" tall/long 
Matching patio door drapes can be ordered on a separate page.
Length and width are measured overall, from the top edge of the drape to the bottom edge.

Width, Pleats and Hardware Information

Size & Hardware info:

48" wide (2-24" wide panels) x length
Accommodates up to 47" of window width.
Each pair has 10 pleats / 5 per panel & requires 14 drapery hooks or rings to hang.
96" wide (2-48" wide panels) x length
Accommodates up to 95" of window width.
Each pair has 22 pleats / 11 per panel & requires 26 drapery hooks or rings to hang.

144" wide (2-72" wide panels) x length
Accommodates up to 143" of window width.
Each pair has 34 pleats / 17 per panel & requires 38 drapery hooks or rings to hang.

The pleats are approximately 4 inches tall.
If you are not finding width and length you need here on this page, you may take a look at the Customized Width and Length Crosby Pleated Drapes here -

Drapes help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows.

Made in China.

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).
Care Instructions: Machine washable.

We usually ship out this product within 4-5 weeks if in stock. Customized (shorter length) orders take longer.

*  *  *

We offer a unique "Customized to shorter length" curtains ordering option to help you get the items you want in the length you need.

We are charging just a $5.00 Customization Fee for shortening the curtains you chose.

 The size you choose has to be SHORTER than the listed size lengths.

For example: If you need a pair of curtains to finish length 76 inches long, and our web site lists only 84 inch lengths, we can customize the longer size (like 84 inches) to a finished length of your specifications, i.e. 76 inches long.

We customize the curtains which are already made, so there is a LIMIT on how many inches shorter you want your custom drape to be. If it is 6 or more inches shorter, it can be done. If you choose the size just 1-5 inches shorter than the standard size, we cannot do it, because we have to cut off the hem. 
In this case we also recommend considering Customized Width and Length drapes, where you can have drapes of any length, up to 108" long with widths 50" wide, 75" wide, 100" wide, 125" wide and 150" wide.

Please, note, the length of the drapes should be in WHOLE inches, not in a half inch or fraction of an inch. For example, you cannot choose length 77 1/2 inches long, instead specify 77" or 78" long drapes.

How to Order Customized (Shorter) Lengths:

  • Order the next longest length larger than the length you need.
  • During checkout, type in the "Customized length” field what length you need these curtains to be.
    For example, you may type “Please customize to 64 inches long overall” or “Hem these curtains to 68” long.”

Important Note: Customized Length Curtains are NON-RETURNABLE / Non-Refundable because these items have been customized to your specified size length.

We recommend first to order a Free Fabric Swatch for the curtain before placing your custom order. This will allow you to make sure the fabric quality & colors will meet your expectations and needs before placing your customized length order with us.

You may order customize widths of Crosby pinch pleated curtain on a separate page.

The price you see in the menu is sale price for a pair of thermal insulated curtains.

Feed backs from a Customer who bought this Product -
Crosby Insulated Pleated Drapes

        We needed traverse rod-compliant panels that are wide in width with a customized length. Hence, in preparation for ordering our pinched pleat curtain panels, we paid close attention to ensure we ordered the proper size and correct, customized length. The tips on panel measurement are extremely helpful and critical. And the free swatches were a blessing and helpful in ensuring proper purchases. Once ordered, I was excited for the curtains to arrive in the mail!
        Additional features that I appreciated included the following: (1) thermal feature; (2) the ability to order custom length; and (3) special discounts that greatly aided in persuading us to purchase more curtains from you. In sum, I would recommend the Cornwall drapes to anyone! Those with older windows would find the thermal features very beneficial.
        Thank you for all of your help and for the wonderful quality curtains you sell. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of our experience with your company. Keep up the wonderful work!!
Dr. Rebecca Howell
Holly Hill, South Carolina

I needed thermal curtains for an odd sized window. I wasn't sure how the curtains would look. Tatyana was so helpful...she made certain I received my order on time. Now I have well-dressed window, warmth.

Debbie S., Roselle Park, New Jersey 

We needed darker curtains. Didn't want curtains that would go to the floor but I needed them wide enough to fit a large window. I appreciated fabric samples and unexpected discount. Having custom length option was great. We have a darker room now and curtains that don't interfere with what we have below the window. However Crosby curtains are very wrinkly. I've hung them up and am hoping they will get smoother over time.

Michelle Montgomery, Ellensburg, Washington

I couldn't find the size I needed in local stores, esp. thermal ones. I was trying to determine if the color would work. It was easy to order from your website. The order was accurate and Crosby Slate is better at darkening than my old curtains.
However the curtains smell. I didn't wash them before hanging and wish I had.
But they are starting to air out.

Randy, Dover, Delaware 

Our room gets too hot in summer and too cold in winter. I ordered 2 sets of Crosby thermal drapes. Material of the drapes is good for our having 3 cats; they won't be able to scratch and pull the fabric. I was overall pleased with the look & workmanship of the curtains but disppointed about the flaw in my patio panel. It appeared to have a spot from the backing melting in some way, causing a hole that really jumped out. The problem was solved, your company sent me a prepaid label to return the defective panel, and sent a replacement. The replacement is fine. I had a terrific shopping experience. Customer service lady was always very polite, prompt, and helpful. Your company even mailed me a 2nd fabric sample when my local post office somehow failed to deliver the 1st one that was sent.
Jennifer, Hampstead, Maryland

Our old drapes needed replacement. It was difficult to find any suitable product. The best feature of the drapes I ordered was availability of sizes due to customization option. I appreciate quick service, color swatches. I would recommend Crosby drapes to anyone who is having trouble finding drapes locally. Keep up a varied inventory.
Anne, Hanover, Massachusetts

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