Find Needed Length by ordering Shorter Length of LIMITED Variaty of Curtains

Customized Length For Three Curtain Styles ONLY: 6 or MORE inches Shorter

If you have difficulty finding the curtains length you need, you may take advantage of the unique "Customized to shorter length" curtains ordering option. We offer ir for a number of products to help you get the them in the length you need. Please, read below carefully to take advantage of this offer.

The size you choose has to be at least 6 inches SHORTER than the listed size lengths. It means you can order custom shorter curtains starting from 78" long and shorter. Please, remember that we have standard length curtains 45" long, 54" long, 63" long and 72" long.

If you need 79" long customized length curtains or longer, or drapes that are less then 6 inches difference from the standard length, please, visit our page "Customized Width and Length" and also consider that we have 84" long, 95" long, 96" long and 108" long standard length curtains.

When we shorten the length of the drapes they look factory new. We customize the curtains which are already made, so there is a LIMIT on how many inches shorter you want your custom drape to be. If it is 6 or more inches shorter, it can be done. If you want the length 1-5 inches shorter than the standard size, we cannot do it because we need to cut the hem off.  If you want your curtains to be just 1 to 5 inches shorter, please, choose longer standard size curtain.

For example: If you need a pair of curtains to finish 43 inches long, and our web site lists only 45" and 54 inch lengths, we can customize the longer size (54 inches tall) to a finished length of your specifications, i.e. 43 inches tall.

Please, note, the length of the drapes should be in WHOLE inches, not in a half inch or fraction of an inch. For example, you cannot choose length 77 1/2 inches long, instead specify 77" or 78" long drapes.

We are charging a Customization Fee for shortening the curtains you chose. This fee applies either to a single panel for patio door drapes or to a pair of panels for the rest of the thermal curtains/drapes that are sold in pairs.

How to Order Customized (Shorter) Lengths:

  • Order the next longest length larger than the length you need.
  • During checkout, type in the "Customized length” field what length you need these curtains to be and from what point.
    For example, you may type “Please customize to finish 65 inches long overall” or “Hem these curtains to length 64” long.

Important Note: Customized Curtains are on Final Sale, i.e. they are NON-RETURNABLE / Non-Refundable because these items have been customized to your specified size length. For more information, please, see our “Return Policy” on Policies Page.

In order for you to have confidence in the products you are choosing, you may want first to order a Free Fabric Swatch for the curtain fabric you are interested in, before placing your custom order. This will allow you to make sure the fabric quality & color(s) meet your expectations and needs, before placing your custom length order with us.

We can shorten the length of limited selection of curtains - Fireside, Crosby and Cornwall. The curtains that can be customized have this information on the product description page. 

Detailed list of those thermal insulated curtains products please, see below. If you do not see a certain curtain product on this page it means customization is NOT available for those curtains.

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If you desire to customize width or to order longer than stardard length curtains, we can do it for you for those 3 styles curtains - Crosby, Fireside and Cornwall.

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