Double Width 160" x 84" tall Insulated Grommet Top Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™
Double Width 160" x 84" tall Insulated Grommet Top Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™
Navy Blue solid color thermal fabricSage Green solid color thermal fabricKhaki Solid color thermal fabricBurgundy Red solid color thermal fabricNavy Blue solid color Sage Green solid colorKhaki solid color Burgundy / Bordeaux solid color Blue solid color insulated fabricTerracotta / Brick Red solid color thermal fabricWhite solid color insulated fabricChocolate / Brown solid color insulated fabricBlue solid color Terracotta / Brick Red solid colorWhite solid color Chocolate / Brown solid color Natural solid color thermal fabricAubergine solid colorCoral (Red Orange) solid colorTeal Blue solid colorNatural Cream solid color curtainsYellow solid colorWeathermate Grommets made of antique brass metalWeathermate Grommet Top Double Width panels and valanceGrommet panels overlapping
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Double Width (160" wide x 84" tall) Weathermate Thermalogic™
Insulated Grommet Top
Curtain Panels

Please, scroll to the bottom of the page to select color, size and see the prices.

Face: 100% cotton duck cloth fabric
Back: 100% Acrylic Suede foam lining

Colors available: Natural or Pale Yellow, White, Terracotta / Brick Red, Chocolate / Brown, Blue, Navy Blue, Sage Green, Khaki Tan, Yellow, Coral, Aubergine, Teal Blue and Burgundy Red, Teal Blue, Aubergine, Coral (Red Orange) and Yellow solid colors.

CAUTION: Weathermate fabrics may have small colored threads of Red, Blue, Green colors in them.

Size:  160 inch wide (two 80" wide panels), 84 inches tall/long.
Twelve (12) Antique Brass metal grommets per panel
Inside diameter of a grommet is 1.5". The distance between the upper point of the grommet and the upper edge of the curtain is one inch [1" extends above the rod or the grommet].

3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side hems. One pair of 160" wide curtains when it is gathered on the rod takes 7 inches of width, and one panels - 3.5 inches.

Double 160" (two of 80" wide panels) covers somewhere between 60 and 100 inches of window width, maximum under 140" inches.

You may use more than two panels for the same window. Grommets allow to place several panels in the same window without spaces between curtains, like it is shown in the very last picture with green curtains.
Window Width                160" wide Pairs required

up to 107 inches                1
108-213  inches                 2
214-320  inches                 3 
Width of Weathermate thermal curtain panels is measured overall per pair – 2 pieces (two panels). Length in measured overall too, from the top to the bottom of the curtain. 
Single width 80 inch wide x 54, 63, 72, 84 & 95" long Weathermate curtains are listed separately.  Coordinating Grommet top valances are available for ordering both on this page for your convenience and also are listed seperately.
Help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows.

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).

In Stock. We usually ship out this product within 1-3 business days.

Grommet Top Panels can be hung using any decorative drapery rod.

To watch a short Demo about these curtains -

Country of origin: China.

CAUTION: After being washed in cold water and drip dry Weathermate curtains shrink 1%-2% in width and length. 
Care Instructions: Washable in cold water, Line dry, NO drier.
Warning: If you use the drier in violation of Care Instructions (even on Low setting) the curtains will shrink more. Do NOT use the drier to avoid more shrinkage!

If you want
please, read this:
If you purchase the same style and color curtains by placing TWO or more different orders at different times (if you order them separately rather than at the same time) their color may not exactly match. The curtains in your second order will still be the same color (Red, Green, Blue or some other), but minor color difference is possible between the curtains from your first and second order. Why?

While filling your order we make sure that the curtains of the same color perfectly match and there is no difference in their color hue or tint. If you order curtain products for the same window or room by placing two or more orders rather than ordering them ALL AT THE SAME TIME, there is a chance that the color shades will not exactly match, though they will be very close. The same applies to fabric swatch order. Minor differences may occur between the fabric samples color and the actual curtains color.
Differences in tints of color exist because new die lot used by fabric manufacturers in every new bolt. If you care about the perfect color match, ORDER ALL THE CURTAIN PRODUCTS FOR THE SAME ROOM AT THE SAME TIME.

Feed Backs from Customers Who Bought Weathermate Double Width Grommet Insulated Thermalogic Curtains

I was looking for curtains made of thermal fabrics. There are too many choices so it is hard to select the one to best suit my windows. After I bought Weathermate curtains I felt I made the right choice. They are simple and elegant looking! They block sun light and also save energy.

Mike, Fremont, California 

I needed a solution to update patio door/window. Finding a nice selection of thermals in different styles and colors was a challenge.
I was impressed by the fabric of the material. The curtain was very well made. Heavy and the color was exactly what I needed. I was very happy and could not wait to hang the curtains at my patio door. The added bonus was the grommet which was bronze/brown the other color we are doing our living room (I was whooping for joy because I never even thought of that when ordering the curtain).
I was impressed with the ease in ordering and the quickness of the shipping. (I will note however that the 1st set of curtains came in a package, not boxed and were pretty beat up and the next shipment came in a box and were in very good condition.)
Curtains look beautiful and elegant on the window/door and have changed the room completely. Give a modern updated look but elegant. I have received compliments. 
I chose white and when the curtains are closed they will darken the room enough but still let enough light in to give a nice color to the room... just perfect and I can tell these are going to work well this winter for thermal. 
The heaviness in the material cause the curtains to hang just right no matter if there are closed or open.
I would recommend them to anyone who wants a thermal curtain that does not look your normal "Grandma's" thermal curtain -- these are the ones. I am very impressed. I don't have many windows in my town home, but when I redo my other rooms I will probably return for more curtains.
You make a fantastic product and your shipping is really fast. Thank you for a great product - I'm happy.

Gail L Via, Millersville, Pennsylvania

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