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Categories of Questions and Answers

Categories of Questions and Answers

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1. What are your shipping rules?

2. What are your payments methods?

3. What are your curtains like?

4. Can you help me to choose the right curtains for my room?

5. How to hang thermal curtains, remove wrinkles off of them and care for them?

6. How does your web site work?

7. Can I order curtains (fabric samples) from outside the US on your website?

8. Can I order curtains (samples) to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands?

9. Can I return the product I bought?

10. I have problems placing my order. How can I solve it? How to get information about my order after I placed it?

1. What are your shipping rules?

What is your Shipping Policy?

Most of the curtain products will ship within 2 to 8 business days, in most cases within 2-3 business days. Large orders, custom orders, holiday seasons and out of stock / back-ordered items take longer, especially custom width orders, that take about 8 weeks to make them.

Thermalogic Insulated products we ship within 2-3 business days. Free fabric samples are usually shipped the same or next business day. For more information, please, refer to our Shipping Policy page.

Thermal Window Curtains ships only within the continental USA, most of the products (except Fireside, Crosby and Cornwall) also to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and to APO addresses. If you live in some other area or have an international order request, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you. 

What is your shipping cost?

Shipping cost chart is given on the Shipping Policy page for inside the USA and depend on the dollar amount of your order.
We also added an expedite shipping service for your convenience - 2nd Day Air service, which delivers an order within 2 business days from the date of shipment.

You have “Track your order” link on your website. How can I track my order with it?

Please enter your order number and click “View” button. It will show your order details, your order status and your payment status.

Regarding your order status: When you just submitted your order and it was not processed yet, it will say “New”. When your order went into production, you will see “In progress”. When we shipped your order, it will say “Complete”. We Email UPS tracking numbers for Customized orders to the Email address provided. 

Regarding your payment status: If we did not charge your credit card yet, you will see “Pre-authorised” option. If we already charged your credit card, it will say “Settled”.

I would like my order to be picked up from your location. Can I do that?

No, you cannot. We deliver orders to our customers by using our shipping service, which is UPS. For APO addresses and Overstock Sale items we may use USPS. Customers cannot pick up their orders from our online store.

2. What are your payments methods?

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also use PayPal. You may pay with a money order (clears same or next day) or a pesronal checl (takes 3 or more weeks to clear). If you have a Gidt Card from our website, you may use it by entering Gift Card code in during the checkout.

Do you accept American Express?

No, we do not. You can Pay with Amex card via PayPal. During the checkout when you come to the point "Payment method", choose PayPal. Hit "Next" buttom on the bottom, on the next page hit "Submit" button, it will bring you to a page where you can pay with PayPal. Use blue hyperlink that says "do not have a PayPal account". Then you will be able to enter your Amex credit card information and check out with it via Paypal without opening a PayPal account. 

Do you take personal checks or money orders?

Yes, we accept both money orders (quicker - 1-2 days) and personal checks (takes much longer to clear - up to 3 weeks or more). Your order will not be shipped until your check is cleared. 

Can I pay with an E-check?

Yes. However it takes on average 3-5 business days to clear an E-check, and we will have to wait until your E-check clears. If you reside outside of the USA, the money arrive to us in about 6-8 business days.

I purchased a Gift Card from you. How do I get it to people I bought it for as a peresent?

Give them the Gift Card Code that was provided at the end of the checkout and tell them to enter it at the checkout in "Gift Card" Field.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes. We accept curtain product orders and free fabric samples orders over the telephone. We would also like to assure you that our website is secure and there is no reason to worry about your credit card information protection. Our website retains just last 4 digits of your credit card number. You may also consider using PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account, which allows you to use your credit card without us having any information at all about your credit card. 

What is "bulk order"?

It is when you order many pieces of the same product at the same time, like 15 pairs (30 panels) or more.

I am trying to place a large  order over $2,000 and your website does not allow me do that. How can I place my order?

If you are using Paypal, there has to be no problem with large orders. But when you use a credit card, our credit card processing (merchant) service has a $2,000 limit. To submit your order which exceeds $2,000 amount you may either pay by check or if you use a credit card you will have to split your large order in parts. As long as each part is above $300, your shipping will be free, it will just take more than one transaction to do it. 

May I have a discount on the volume for a large order?

Yes, you may. If your order is $500 or more, a progressive discount will be aplied. To see the rate, click HERE.

3. What are your curtains like?

Do all the thermal curtains you offer have the same insulating value?
Most of them are the same, except ThermaSheer, ThermaLace and ThermaVoile. Those have a tiny bit smaller insulating value, but still they are good insulators.

I hung the curtains and there was no difference temperature wise.
If the thermostat setting was not changed, the temperature in the room won't change either. You may notice the temperature difference and appreciate the thermal value of the product by comparing the temperature behind the curtain and in front of it. 

Do you have polyester thermal insulated curtains? 

Yes, we do. These are Prelude, Rhapsody Lined ThermaVoile, Thermasheer panels of Weathershield and Weathervane style, Anna Thermalace, blackout  Brooke styles, are made from Polyester fabric. Material from which curtains are made of is mentioned on every product description page.

Are your thermal curtains suitable for outdoor use?
No, they are not suitable for outdoor use. Insulated curtains are designed to block the cold draft that comes from windows into the room. We have Outdoor curtains in a separate category, and they are designed to use out in the weather (they all are fade resistant, some of them are mildew repellent, others are bug repellent), but not insulated.

How much light do your thermal sheer curtains block?

They do not block the light, they allow lots of light in, like semi-sheer curtains. They are not room darkening nor blackout. Insulated sheer and voile curtains prevent outside temperature to get in easily, i.e. their purpose is insulation, not light blocking. However darker colors, like Mushroom and Aqua Blue in Rhapsody style, Mushroom Tan in Anna style block some light just because of the darker color of the fabric.

Where are your Blackout curtains made, in what country?

Our Blackout Grommet Top Curtains are made in China, but they are developed and marketed in the USA. In other words, their fabric composition, styling, size, including dyes and foam backing are developed in the USA. 
Fireside Chocolate color curtains are not blackout per se, but block most of the light due to the dark color. Those are made in the United States. Fireside fabric is manufactured in the USA also.

I live in New Mexico and am interested in White color thermal drapes. I understand they allow lots of light through. Does it mean they allow heat go through also?

No. Light color thermal (insulated) curtains have the same insulating capacity, as dark color panels. Light blocking is unrelated to heat blocking. Light color thermal drapes block heat as well as dark color ones.

A scientist will tell you light is heat.  My dad was an engineer and used to tell us to turn off lights when not using them adding light is heat.

Obviously he was talking about turning off Incandescent light bulbs. There are also fluorescent light bulbs and LED (light-emitting diode) lamps. Fluorescent light bulbs emit 90% less heat (, then incandescent one. LED lamps are cool to touch and do not produce heat -

Is there any difference between thermal and insulated curtains?

No, there is not. These words are just different ways to describe the same energy saving characteristic of the curtains, i.e. they block heat in summer and cold in winter from getting inside.

Is there any difference between energy efficient, insulated and lined curtains?

Insulated and lined curtains are energy efficient, their purpose is to prevent outside cold in winter and/or heat in summer to get into the room and as a result to save on the heating bill in winter and or AC bill in summer. There is a difference between Insulated (or thermal) and Lined curtains. In Insulated curtains their insulating (thermal) lining is bonded to the surface fabric. Lined curtains have two layers - surface one facing the room and separate layer of back lining that faces the window.

Do you have any thermal insulated curtains that are blackout curtains as well?

Yes, we do. They are listed on our Blackout Insulated Curtains page. 

Do any of your thermal / insulating curtains come with the same color on the front and back?

Our White color Insulated curtains have the same white color on both sides (face and lining). Rhapsody Lined Insulated semi-sheer (ThermaVoile) curtains are of the same color from both sides, because their second layer (lining) is made of the same color as the surface fabric. We also have woven blackout insulated styles curtains that have both side of the same color.

Are your insulated tab top curtains white on the insulated side?

Yes, those thermal curtains that are foam backed, the insulated side (insulation facing the glass/window) of tab top insulated curtains is white color. So is the insulated side of all other thermal curtains and valances – grommet tops and pinch pleated. 

How much space / width on the rod take Tab Top, Rod Pocket and Grommet Top curtains? In other words how much window width will they obstruct when open?

In Weathermate and Fireside Tab Top curtains tabs are 1.5 inches wide. Tab's width has to be multiplied by quantity of tabs in 1 panel, and it will give you the answer. Fireside has 7 tabs per single width panel, Weathermate has 6 tabs in single width panels. So when gathered on the rod one panel of Fireside will take about 10.5", Weathermate will takes about 9 inches of width. Double width Weathermate tab curtains have 11 tabs each panel, Fireside has 13 tabs per panel. When gathered on the rod one panel takes about 19 or 16 inches of width accordingly.

One pair of 80" wide Weathermate Grommet curtains gathered on the rod takes very little space, three and a half inches of width, and one panel only 1.7 inches.

One 50" wide Rod Pocket Panel of Thermasheer (Weathershield, Weathervane) style takes 12-14 inches in width because of the resiliency of the Thermasheer fabric.

What type of thermal lining do you use in your insulated drapes?

We use different types of thermal (insulated) lining or backing - composed of
1) 80% acrylic / 20% cotton in Fireside curtains
2) 100% acrylic in Weathermate and Prelude  type thermal insulated curtains;
3) Rayon in Prescott and Caldwell Styles,
4) 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane in Thermasheer curtains.
Those liners or backings are white color in #1, #2, #3 and transparent in #4 group of products.

I am concerned that curtains will fade. Do you have curtains that do not fade?

Our curtains are thermal / insulated, not UV protectant (not fade resistant). Unfortunately intense and bright color fabrics (especially Burgundy and Navy) fade faster, than neutral colors - If your room gets lots of sunlight you will benefit from choosing less bright and more neutral colors (like Natural, Tan, Taupe, Ivory, etc.).

Do your curtains include a plastic wand or something that I can attach to the end of the panels to help open and close them? If not where could I find this thing?
Our curtains come without wands. You may find curtains wands (they also called "batons" or "curtains wand pulls") online by using those keywords in search engines like If you have old blinds that you do not use, many of them have wands attached to them.

What thermal curtains are the lightests by weight? I need very light curtains to be able to hang them.

The lighter weight fabrics are in curtains made of Polyester fabric: Rhapsody Rod Pocket are the lightest because they do not have grommets, also Prelude style, as well as our Insulated semi-sheer and voile curtains (Weathershield, Weathervane rod pocket panels) are light weight. Cotton fabric curtains are heavier. Also if curtains have grommets it increases their weight due to metal grommets. 

Are tab tops and grommet tops any different from pleated draperies as far as their ability to block out cold or heat?

The difference between pinch pleated, grommet tops and tab tops is about their looks, they don’t have a significant difference in thermal quality, if you hang them on a decorative round rod. However, pinch pleated curtains hung on a traverse rod the way that their side hems touch the walls, provide better insulation due to fuller coverage of the window or door.

Is the length of the tab (like 3.5 - 3.8") included in the total length of the tab top curtain?

Yes, the length of the tab is included in the length of the tab top curtain.

Are the tabs on valances the same length and width as on the tab drapes? 

Yes, the same in the same style, but not in different styles, For example, in Weathermate curtains the tabs are the same size. But if you take a valance of Crosby style and Curtains of Weathermate style, the tabs are different in Crosby and Weathermate styles.

What's the largest size pole width diameter can I get for grommet drape?

Inside diameter of the grommet of the most curtains is 1.5", so any diameter smaller than that will work. However, if the difference between the rod diameter and grommet diameter is small (like half an inch difference, when the rod is 1" wide), the curtains will move on the rod with difficulty. If the curtain rod is much smaller (like 0.5" diameter), the Grommet curtains can be moved very easily, in one stroke.

The circumference of my curtain rod is 4.25”.  Will a grommet slide easily on a rod with 4.25” circumference?

No. 4.25" circumference means 1.35" diameter. Our Grommet curtains have 1.5" diameter. 1.35" rod diameter will make curtains with 1.5” grommets diameter to move with great difficulty. 

Does 72 inches wide mean that the TOP finished pinch pleat width is 36 inches? Where is it measured - on the top or on the bottom?

72" wide pinch pleated drapes are a pair of two panels 36 inches wide each. The width is measured at the top, where pleats are.

We are interested in keeping heat leakage to a minimum and care less about keeping it cool in summer.  What kind of thermal curtains are best? 

The issue of thermal effect is the same for heating as for cooling. The thermal coating on the fabric is effective for both.  It is also easier to maintain than a lining.

All our insulated curtains (please, see the demo have high thermal value. ThermaSheer, ThermaLace and ThermaVoile have a little bit smaller insulating ability due to their transparency and light weight. 

If you use pleated drapes on a traverse rod and make it wide enough to wrap around the ends of the rod you will maximize your heat control benefits. A traverse rod allows the drape to overlap in the center as well.

Do your sheer curtains let light through and keep away heat or cold?

Our Insulated semi sheer curtains let the light go through, most of them are thermal, like Weathervane, Weathershield, Rhapsody Lined and Anna Insulated Lace. The only exception is items on Overstock Sale (Madrid style) is regular (non-insulated) sheer curtains.

Do any of your curtains block sound / noise also?

Ultimate Insulating Blackout Liner blocks outside noise the best. It has a special dense weave to do the job. The liner can be added to the existing curtains. All curtains block sounds or noise, but not fully. The heavier the curtain, the more it blocks noise. Navar, Weathermate and Ventura we have that are more noise reducing curtains. We also have just a few panels left of Horizon on Overstock Sale, which was specifically designed to reduce the noise.

What curtains are most noise reducing / sound blocking?

Ultimate Insulating Blackout Liner is the best; in curtains Navar,Weathermate and Ventura are quite noise reducing. On overstock sale we have just a few panels of Horizon, that are specifically designed as noise reducing.

Are your drapery draw curtains Class A flame spread rated?

Our pinch pleated drapes (Fireside, Crosby and Cornwall) are NOT Flame Retardant. 

Have any of your curtains been treated with flame retardant?

No, they have not.

Does thermal acrylic lining on the back of your blackout curtains contain any amount of latex? I am allergic to latex rubber.

There is no latex in the lining. It is acrylic foam.

Are any of your pinch pleated curtains blackout or room darkening?

They are considered not blackout. But Chocolate color Fireside pinch pleated drapes bock almost all the light (about 95%) due to their dark color. 

Will any of your blackout curtains work with a traverse rod?

Traverse rod requires pinch pleated drapes. We do not have Blackour drapes in pinch pleated. However, Chocolate color Fireside Pinch Pleated drapes bock almost all the light due to their dark color. We also have Blackout Insulated Liners (Ultimate and Superior liners) that work with existing pinch pleated drapes. They block all the light, 100%. 

Is price quoted per 1 panel or per pair?

Each product is sold differently, some as a pair (2 panels), some as 1 panel. On every product page in its description it is specified, whether price is for 1 panel or for a pair (2 panels). For example, pinch pleated thermal drapes and tab top thermal curtains - price is given for a pair of them. Thermal Patio door Pinch Pleated drapes are sold as 1 piece, and only 1 panel is needed for an average door. Sheer and semi-sheer curtains sold as a single panel. Some Grommet top curtains come in pairs, some as a single panel. We encourage you to please, read product description; quantity of panels is specified there for each product.

Do you sell curtain fabric by the yard?

We sell fabrics of just three curtain styles - Crosby, Cornwall and Fireside. Fabrics of other curtains are not available.

Could you go more in detail on the size; it said Crosby fabric is 84 inches wide and right beside it, it says yard, is that how long it going to be?

The width of the Crosby fabric is 84 inches WIDE. The length could be as many yards as the customer wants, starting from minimum 2 yards LONG. Width and length are two different dimension.

Where are your curtains manufactured? Somewhere I read that they are made in China, but then I also saw a page “Made in USA.” Are they made in both places?

The curtains listed on this page are made in the USA, the rest of them are manufectured in China.

What’s the difference between SKU CustCrsb
and SKU 810PP

Both are made from the same fabric. SKU CustCrsb are Customized drapes made in the US. SKU 810PP are standard size drapes made in China. 

For the curtains made in the USA, is the fabric sourced from USA or China?

Fireside fabric made in the US; Crosby and Cornwall fabric comes from China.

I've been looking for the R value of your insulated drapes and I could not find it on your website...

Curtains do not have an R value because there are too many variables to measure, e.g.: direction the window faces, how far the curtains are mounted from the window, etc. Windows have an R value because they are fixed in place, but curtains are not.

Can I get sample swatches of several different colors?

Yes, we can send you a sample of thermal fabrics. Please, visit our page and order a fabric swatch from us. Currently we are offering fabric swatches of almost all the curtains listed on our website. You may order up to 3 swatches for free per household for the first time. You will have to pay shipping and handling for the second order or / and for more than 3 samples.

I ordered one fabric sample from you. Can I have another free sample?

You cannot have more than one fabric sample order for free. You will have to pay Shipping and Handling for the second order either by sending the fee via PayPal to our Email address or by putting in your shopping cart 4 samples of the same fabric, and the system will charge you the S&H fee.

I got my swatches. I ordered thermal samples from others and the quality seems to be the same for thermal, and I feel rather thin for all. Are samples just for looks or actual fabric?

The swatches we ship cut from the actual fabrics. These fabrics have high quality insulation. Apparent thinness of the insulation coating in curtains is no measure of its insulating value. The insulating liner acts as a vapor barrier, that is its primarily purpose. This way it can control temperature changes ( Water vapor is a powerful force for moving heat or cold from a window to the inside of the house.  A thicker coating is insignificant in the success of its purpose.  In fact, a thicker coating has proven to be more likely to be damaged in use, ultimately defeating the purpose of insulation. As an example look at winter clothing with "thinsulate" insulation.  It is thin and more effective than much thicker forms of insulation.

What if I'm looking for an item that you don't currently carry?

Due to our ever expanding product line an item we carry may not yet be featured. If you can't find the item you are looking for please contact us with the product name and description and we will do what we can to help.

Do you carry curtains in stock for sale?

Most of our products we have in stock most of the time. If some of them are backordered, we will notify you about it via Email.

Are bronze grommets available in Grommet Top curtains?

We have a large number of curtains with brass grommets. If you enter the word "brass" in the search box under "Search by keyword" and press "Search" button, a list of those curtains will get open for you. Or you may use this link also -

Do you have catalogues?

We do not have catalogues, because we are an online retail store. You may see all the products we have on our website  You can find everything easily there. If you have any questions or concerns, please, do not hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be glad to help you.

I would like to see your curtains. Do you have a showroom? I live nearby.

We do not have a showroom, we are an online store. We can mail you fabric swatches though. Up to 3 swatches are free.  You can also see all out curtains online. 

Why Fireside curtains are more expensive than others?

Fireside curtains are made in the USA. The labor is cheaper overseas, and that affects the curtains price.

I am interested in Weathermate Tie-Up Panel. How do I find curtains that are matching in color and texture?

Please, type the word "Weathermate" in "Search by Keyword" box and click "Search" button. It will bring the list off all Weathermate style curtains that are made from the same fabric as Weathermate Tie-Up Panel. The same principle applies to all other styles of curtains to find a matching product.

I have read that your curtains need to be "stretched", what do you mean by this? Do I need to take it to a seamstress to get this done or can I do it myself? I have not heard of "stretching" curtains before they are hung. 

You do not have to stretch them, if you are not measuring them. If you ever bought fabric at a store, they measure the fabric while stretching it, not when it's laying loose on the table. The same is with curtains.

What is the difference between a thermal liner and thermal curtains? Do they have the same insulation value?

The liners are meant to be used along with regular curtains. Then this combination will have the same insulation value, as thermal curtains.

Do your insulated liners come in custom sizes?

No. They come in standard sizes only.

How much does your Insulated Liner weigh?

88" long Ultimate Liner's weight with plastic bag, and packaging (carton inserts, instructions, carton stiffener, etc.) is 1 lb 12 oz. Shipping weight is bigger depending on the box weight. The Ultimate 88" long liner itself without extra packaging is 1 lb 9 oz. The weight of other sizes are a little more or less than this one, like 77" long Ultimate Liner weighs 1.2 lb. 

Ideal Liner's weight with plastic bag and inserts is 9.5 oz. The weight of Ideal Liner on its own is 7.2 oz. 

I understand Ultimate Liners are stiff, so if I attach them to my curtains that means I can't open the curtains when I want daylight?
Ultimate Liners are sturdy, but not stiff, they flow as a thick fabric, so you can open the curtains, and they will be gathered on the rod along with the curtains without any problem. 

I discovered your Ultimate Liners. My windows are bigger than your largest size - about 120 x 60 inches. In your honest opinion, will it be worth buying if the liners are smaller than the windows?
If you try to use Ultimate Liners as they are, they won't do much good in terms of thermal value. But what you can do, out of three 45" wide x 56" tall liners you or a seamstress can make 2 wider liners, about 59.5" wide x 56" tall by cutting one of the liners in half and attaching its half to the whole liner.

Our Polyester curtains arrived and we are happy with them. They are about an 1 and 1/4 inch too long. If we wash them would they shorten about an inch or so? 
No. Polyester does not shrink. You may either hem them or raise the curtain rod a bit.

Do you have any heat loss info on your different curtain fabrics?

Yes. Our company made a comparison of our different curtains in terms of their thermal qualities. We were placing different insulated curtains in the same window and were measuring the temperature on the surface of the panels with a special thermometer. We found out that the temperature was the same on Foam backed, Woven insulated and Lined curtains, but a few decimals of degrees lower in cold weather and higher in hot weather on the insulated semi sheers (i.e. ThermaSheer and ThermaVoile) and ThermaLace curtains. Thus, Foam backed, Woven and Lined curtains are a little bit better insulators than insulated semi sheer and lace window treatments.

4. Can you help me to choose the right curtains for my room?

I need a strong inexpensive curtain rod for a rental to withstand abuse. What rod and curtains would you recommend?

One of our employees installed 0.5" diameter electric conduit like that to carry heavy drapes. The brackets to hold the rod are like these - Such rod is very strong, unbeatably cheap, works great for years, does not sag and drapes slide easily.  This self-made rod was used for both pinch pleated drapes with rings and clips (more expensive solution) and for the Grommet Top Curtains (less expensive). Caution about the conduit rod - metal gets oxidized by moisture in the air and a grey buildup appears that can smear the curtains. It can be easily wiped with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Very inexpensive curtains on our website are Prelude, Prescott and Rhapsody Lined. 

I need to seperate the kitchen area from my living room to prevent the smell from the kitchen to get into the living room easily. What curtains are better for that purpose?

Lined Curtains can be used as room dividers, to separate an area in your house. Rhapsody Lined Insulated Semi-Sheer in Grommet design (in the picture below) are especially good for this purpose. Their lining is the same color as the face layer, so they look beautiful from the front and the back. In addition Grommets allow these curtains to easily slide back and forth, and they take very width on the rod when opened. We do not have the curtains that eliminate odors, though such drapes are on the market. 

                Rhapsody Lined Grommet Curtains Used as Room Devider

I'm looking at the Pinch Pleated Crosby drapes and wondering how to calculate the correct length. I would be using drapery rings with pinch clips. If my rod is 84" above the floor, and I want the curtains to hang just above the floor, how long should the curtain be?

The length will depend on the diameter of the rings. When you have them on the rod (if you already have the rod installed) just measure the distance from the clips (they are attached to the rings) to the desired point on the bottom of the drape. This will be the most accurate measurement.
If you think about customizing the drapes and already installed the rod it might be challenging because the Shortened length has to be at least 6" shorter than the standard 84" length, i.e. at most 78" tall. Customized Width curtains will give you more freedom in choosing virtually any length up to 108" tall. If you have not installed your rod, it will give you more flexibility. You may subtract the diameter of the ring + the length of the clip from the point where you will be positioning the rod (the height or the distance from just above the floor to the level of the rod).
Also if you do not have the rod installed you might just position it a little higher and use the standard length 84" tall rather than customize the curtains.
Make sure you know the diameter of the rod. The rings have to have larger inside diameter. Caution: the smaller the difference in their diameters (the rings and the rod), the harder to move the rings (and curtains); the bigger the difference, the easier to move the curtains. You might want to hang a curtain or a sheet to check how it moves before ordering drapes. 

I am interested in grommet top patio door panels. I would love to order 2 panels. I need them in 95 inch length. I see them in 84 inch length but I do see the 95 inch length in this type. Do you have such a panel? Did I see 95 in the tab top?  

The widest (Double width - 160" wide) Grommet top pairs of curtains come only in length 84" maximum. Single width 80" wide pair and single panels 50" wide are available in 95" length. If you won't find wide and long enough grommet top curtains you might consider 3-4 single panels or 2 single width pairs 95" tall. Several Grommet panels in one window won't have slots between them, if you position the curtains in such a way that one Grommet panel goes over the next one (as in the picture).

Grommet Curtains Overlap

The panels will fit each other tightly, and provide good thermal insulation and privacy for your home. You may see selection and prices that we have in 95" long as 1 panel here - and in pairs here - Second link has tab top panels also.

Do you do custom orders? I'm looking for 120 inch wide X 45 inch long curtains with Grommets for a wide, short living room window.

We can customize only 3 styles curtains: Fireside, Crosby and Cornwall. They are tab and pinch pleated, not Grommet curtains.

You may choose several panels or pairs of Grommet top curtains to cover this width, these panels will fit tightly, if you position them as in the pictures above on this page - Also keep in mind that Grommets don't allow to stretch the curtain completely, they have maximum width they may cover, it is roughly under 85% of their width. We have this maximum width mentioned for every Grommet top curtain. We can recommend 54" tall Grommet curtains in Weathermate - You need to subtract 1" header above the grommet, which leaves 53" height. Consider also that Weathermate curtains shrinks 1%-9% after being washed in cold water according to the care instructions (no drier).

We can also make Customized curtains in Pinch pleated and Tab top design, but unfortunately not in Grommet design yet.

How wide I should go with pinch pleated drapes on traverse rods if my window is 100”?

If the window is exactly 100 inches wide and you use a traverse rod designed to close in the middle of the window the following should be added to the window size for determining the drape width.  Add 4-6 inches for center overlap.  Add 4-5 inches to each end for wrap around at the ends.  Add whatever you want to extend beyond the 100 inch width of the window.  This means you need to add at least 12-14 inches to the rod width as mounted on the wall to get the minimum width of 112-114” for the pinch pleated curtains.

We have 2 windows with traversing rods. One rod is 56" wide, the other is 40" wide. I'm sure the 72" wide drape set will work on the 56" window, but will the 48" wide set work on the 40" window? We want the sides to be able to wrap around the rod and meet up with the wall on both sides of the window.

It is best to add to the length of the rod the distance the rod stands out from the wall on each side (normally 4”) + 1 extra inch to wrap comfortably around the rod without tension, as well as about 4” for overlap in the middle. This will make a comfortable length and good light control.
 So to get the drape to reach to the wall at the ends and still cross over in the middle you need to add at least 12 to 14” to the length of the rod for the curtain size. We hope this information will help you to make the right decision.

I have a 16 foot sliding door. What size curtain am I looking for? I only want 2 panels. They need to have thermal quality.

16 foot door width is 192 inches. So you need drapes 192 inches wide. We have standard size thermal patio door drapery panels. Single panel is 96" wide x 84" long. Two of them will make the width of 192" for your door.

Feel free to browse our thermal patio door drapes selection We have them is different styles and in a numbe of color variations.

I have a wide greenhouse window measuring 92” in width from outside edges of frame. Will a pair of 96” wide pinch pleated drapes cover it or do I need something wider to allow for ‘pleats’?

To resolve your question:
The pleats do not change the size of the drape.  The size is the overall width of the drapery. The width in pinch pleated drapes is measured on the top.
1) do you want the drape to overlap in the middle and cover the ends?
     If the answer is yes then you will want to use a traverse rod.  This will require at least 12-14 inches of extra width.
2) do you want to use a round rod with rings to hang the drapes?    
     If so, then the length of the curtain will not cover the ends or overlap at the middle. So 96 inches width will work with the 2nd choice.  Otherwise you need a wider curtain set:  120 inches pair will do that. 

I have 3 windows 45” x 90” in my office; they lose heat like crazy due to the exposure. Do you have any suggestions?

You definitely need energy efficient curtains on your windows. A pair of 80” wide tab top thermal drapes will cover 45” width of you single window. The main challenge is your window length 90”, since standard length for thermal curtains is 84”. You may choose  95" tall tab top and grommet top curtains. Please, keep in mind that tabs are 3.5 inches tall, so the rod has to be at least 4" above the window.

There are other options also:

We have variety of insulated curtains 84” long (tab top, grommet top, pinch pleated), but 84” will not cover the whole length of your window. In order to cover those extra inches you may have to order customised (shortened) 95" long curtains. We can shorten them to 89" long considering 6" increment.

We're having a hard time finding energy saving curtains for our living room. We want 84" long curtains but our window is 101" wide. How wide should each panel be to properly cover our window? We have found 54" wide panels but they appear way too small.  

For the curtains to look the best in a window, to find the right width of grommet top, tab top, rod pocket and other NON-pinch pleated window treatments is at least 1.5 times or more width of a curtain in comparison to window width (For more information, please take a look at "Shop bi size" page, in particular, section "Finding the width you need").
Pinch pleated drapes can be the same size as window or a little wider (Details are in Section "Pinch Pleated Drapes and Patio Door Drapes measurements" on the same page).

For the size of your windows you may choose from either 120" wide x 84" tall/long pair of pinch pleated drapes ( or 160" wide 84" long pair of tab top or grommet top thermal curtains (

I am looking for drapes or grommet-top curtains for a window 90.5" across the top and 79.5" to the floor. They don't have to be all the way to the floor.  I found some that are 96" wide and 72" long.  Most of the time, the curtains will be open anyway. Can you help?

We are glad you found 96” wide x 72” long thermal drapes.
We would recommend thermal insulated drapes instead of just ordinary non-insulated curtains. Even if you keep your curtains open during the day, at night time it will be a good idea to close the drapes to lower your heating expenses and save a quite a bit of money in the long run. Electric and gas companies have this tip on their “energy saving ideas” list: “Keep your curtains open when it is sunshine to help the sun to heat the room and close drapes at night to keep heat in”. Thermal insulated curtains will do much better job energy wise.

I want to order curtains and to use my current curtain rods, which are just rods that I push through a tube on the top. Can you drop the tabs or can I do this? Thanks

Our back tab curtains have rod pockets in them. You may either remove the back tabs, or leave them there, they will not show. We cannot customize tab tops by removing the tabs though.

          5. How to hang thermal curtains, remove wrinkles off of them and care for them?

How to get the wrinkles out of insulated curtains?

The easiest way to rid of wrinkles is to just hang them and they may simply straighten out by hanging for a few days. If this did not work, then there are other ways that take some efforts:

1) Use wrinkle release spray,

2) iron with steam iron on LOW SETTING carefully from the fabric side (not backing side, which can melt easily);

3) Put one curtain at a time in a dryer with a damp bath towel and after run in for 20-30 min at air fluff cycle and hang immediately. This does NOT apply to Weathermate style, which shrinks; do NOT put Weathermate in a dryer. You can steam or iron Weathermate. For more details please see

4) For a stubborn crease you also can use a press cloth with the iron for ironing the front of the curtain.  DO NOT iron the foam backing. 

It would be easier to just hang the thermal curtians and wait for a few days before embarking on time and effort consuming projects.

How far away from the window should the insulated curtains be? 

The closer to the window (without the curtain touching the glass) the better for better thermal effect. If curtains touch the glass, they may get wet because of condensate that appears on the cold windows. 

Another things to consider: for better insulation the curtains need to extend beyond the width and height of the window. That hinders cold or hot air to get in the room easily.

How to hang pinch pleated insulated drapes?

Here are some helpful links.

How to hang pinch pleated insulated drapes with hooks:

How to hang thermal pinch pleated curtains with rings: and

While considering what type of drapery hook to use, please keep in mind that our Crosby and Fireside pinch pleated drapes have pockets behind the pleats. 

I want to hang curtains on traverse rods. Where is a place to buy them? 

JC Penny and Home Depot had traverse rods. On our "Helpful Links" page there are several sources that carry curtain hardware and rods listed. You also might try to find traverse rods online by entering keywords "traverse rods" in search engine, like

Do you sell drapery rings and clips for pinch pleated drapes? If not, where can I buy them? 

We do not carry drapery clips and rings. You may order them online from sources listed on our "Helpful Links" page, which carry curtain hardware and accessories. You can find them also at JC Penny and at Lowes'.
Better are heavy duty hooks. Slip-in /slip-on type drapery hooks do not damage the fabric, like pin hooks.  You can also use pin-on hooks, but you need to stick them in the fabric.

 6. How does your web site work?

Is your site secure?

Yes. Our site is hosted on secure servers and the checkout process is encrypted for your protection.

I put items in the cart by mistake which I would like to void. How to void my order and bring the cart to 0 balance?

In order to void your order or empty your cart, there is a box marked with the word "Qty" (abbreviation for “quantity”). Just put digit “zero” – 0 – in it and click on the "Update" button below. It will bring your cart items and amount to zero.

 7. Can I order curtains (fabric samles) from outside the US on your website?

 I don’t live in the United States. Can I order curtains or fabric samples from your site?

We ship our products to Canada. You can place your order to Canada on our website directly. However, you cannot use our website for international orders to other countries, our general policy is to ship inside the USA. All our listed shipping time and charges are meant only for the United States and Canada.

However we can try to accommodate your need and ship the curtains to you as a favor. But it can be done not from our website, but by Email and Paypal. If you want to order fabric samples, we can mail up to 4 fabric samples to a foreign country for a $2.00 fee. You may pay it via Paypal using "Send money" option. But first we recommend you to check with your customs about import tax. This tax may be too high for you to even bother ordering samples.

In order to purchase curtains from abroad, please, contact us by Email and let us know exactly what product(s) you would like to buy, how many pieces, what your country is, the city you live in and zip code. This will allow us to calculate the shipping cost. All transactions must be in US Dollars. We do not ship bulk orders outside of the USA.

Please, be aware, that your home country may require a customs fee or import tax on curtains you order abroad, and it is a customer's responsibility to pay those fees. So it will be a good idea to contact your country customs first and find out exactly what kind of import tax you will have to pay.

After that please, write to us the detailed information about your intended purchase, as well as location, and we will start from there and will attempt to sell a desired product(s) to you, if you live outside the United States.

8. Can I order curtains (samples) to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico?

Do you ship fabric samples to Alaska?

Yes, we can mail you samples to Alaska based on the S&H fees listed on page which are the same as withing the continental US and choose what particular samples you need.

The same applies to residents of Hawaii, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Please, keep in mind that Fireside, Cornwall & Crosby curtains we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. 

Do you ship Curtains to Alaska and Hawaii?

Most of the products we ship to those destinations. A few products (Fireside, Cornwall & Crosby) we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. 

                                      9. Can I return the product I bought?

Yes. If there is a defect in the curtains, we will replace them for free and at our shipping expense. However, we have great quality products and a strict quality control; so the chance of a defect is very low. If something happened to the product during the shipping process, please refer to “Damaged goods” section in our “Policies” page.

Please, be sure you are buying what you need. Common mistakes that customers make and as a result want to return the curtains are:

1) the window turned out larger than the ordered curtains,
2) the received curtains were not measured correctly;
3) curtains were not hung and judged by how they look in the package,
4) the curtains color did not quite match the room design;
5) the drapes make room too dark or too light. 

There are ways to prevent these mistakes:

1)      Carefully measure your windows/door dimensions prior to ordering curtains.

The main rule for Tab Top and Grommet Top Curtains is their width have to be 1.5 - 3 times wider than your window width/ This is expecially important for Grommet Top curtains, becuase Grommets do not allow curtains to stretch fully, they have maximum width (roughly 80% of the curtain width) which is listed on product description page.

For Pinch Pleated Drapes: the width of your window/patio door/drapery rod is about the width of the drape(s) you would need. You may add a few inches if you want plated drapes to overlap in the middle and/or a few extra inches for the drapes to wrap around the corners of your travarse rod. For more information, please follow Measuring guidelines on “Shop by Size” page.

2) to correctly measure the curtains, they have to be stretched. If they are just hung in a window or lay on a table, it will give a shorter reading.

3) open the received curtains and hang them. When curtains are hung they LOOK DIFFERENT. We know a number of cases when a customer wanted to return an unopened product, yet hung it, and then changed their mind.

4)     If you are sensitive to subtle variations in colors, please order a free fabric swatch(es) before purchasing drapes. This way you will be certain that your selection is just what you want. The color you see on your computer screen depends not only on the pictures from the websites, but also on the screen setting of each individual computer. Therefore, the rendition of colors by computers may be a little different between different computers. To be more sure of a color of a curtain, it is helpful to have a fabric color swatch. We offer free fabric samples of most of our products.

5) If you plan the drapes to be closed at daytime, it's good to decide how much light you want to go through. The darker the color of the curtains, the more light they block and the darker they will make your room. And on the contrary, the lighter color of the curtains, the more light they allow to go through and the lighter they will make your room.

Please, follow these simple steps, and it will save you time, money, efforts and prevent unpleasant experiences.

If you still want to return the product by some other reason, the returned undamaged product(s) must be received by us within 30 days from the date they were shipped.  We will then refund the amount you spent on the product minus restocking fee. For more information, please, see our Return Policy. Please, contact us for authorization prior to your return, state the reason for your return, and we will Email you specific return instructions.

The curtains I bought from you are too narrow. Can I exchange them?

We have to restock the returned product so we do not do exchanges. You will have to return the product you have and purchase a new one.

10. I have problems placing my order. How to solve it? How to get information about my order after I placed it?

I am at the product page and do NOT see the prices, colors and sizes to choose from on this page. How do I place my order?

Try clearing the cache on your computer. Click "Ctrl", "Shift" and "Delete" Buttons on your keyboard and the same time, a page will pop up "Clearing browsing data" or "Clearing browsing history". Press the button "Clearing browsing data", wait for about a minute, then refresh the Product description page, and you most likely will see Drop down menu for Prices, Colors and Sizes, and will be able to place you order. If the problem persists, please, contact us.

I was trying to place my order for several times, and my credit card was declined. What do I do?

DECLINED transaction could be often caused by mistakes in the credit card information entered, like wrong expiration date, billing address, security code on the back of your card. If after this you tried to resubmit your order in less than 5 minutes, the credit card processor views it as a DUPLICATE transaction and does not allow it to go through. So, please, be careful and repeat your attempt in no less than 5 minutes, making sure that all your credit card data is correct.
If there is still a problem, please, contact us either via Email or by phone.

If there were many attempts to use the same credit card, your bank may have stopped the payment for your protection. In this case please, either use a different card or contact your financial institution that issued your credit card.

Your website says my order was declined. I called my credit card company and discovered, they have a pending charge from you.
Our credit card processor's system sends a pending charge to the customer's bank, and then it comes back to them either to accept it or to decline it. When there was a mistake in credit card information entered, the system voids the charge on our end. How soon in will clear with your bank depends on a bank, sometimes it might take up to 3 days. 

What do I do if I have problems with my order?

If you have problems with your order please contact us first thing. Then we can help you get your questions and concerns resolved quickly. 

If you are sending us an Email or leaving a voice mail, please briefly describe what your situation or concern is about. This will allow us to start dealing with your concern promptly: when we get back to you we will be able to have some answer for you already. Otherwise it will delay the answer or solution of your situation. Thank you for your cooperation.

My order did not go through, was incomplete. What was missing?

Perhaps, you did not entering your credit card information. You just start all the process all over, enter your shipping and billling information and hit "Submit" button on the bottom of the last page. That will be it. 

I’m trying to order some curtains on sale, I have 4 in my shopping cart but I’m receiving a message that I can’t order more than one piece and it’s not letting me check out

Curtains on Overstock Sale (in Clearance section) are discontinued, and we have mostly 1 piece of each left. That is why you cannot order more than one. 

How can I check my order status?

Please, go to Your Order Statuslink on our website. Then enter your order number and click “View” button. It will show your order detailes, your order status and your payment status.

Regarding your order status: When you just submitted your order and it was not processed yet, it will say “New”. When your order went into production, you will see “In progress”. When we shipped your order, it will say “Complete”. At the same time we will Email you the UPS tracking number to the Email address you provided. Please, make sure your Email address is valid in order to receive the Email notification about the shipment of your order.

Regarding your payment status: If we did not charge your credit card yet, you will see “Pre-authorised” option. If we already charged your credit card, it will say “Settled”.

How can I get in touch with you if I have a question?

Please see the Contact Us page for information on getting a hold of us. You can either Email us at (the quickest connection), or leave a written message at Contact Us page (make sure you typed your Email address correctly there) or call us 540-820-8391. We will do our best to help you.

I changed my mind after placing my order. Can I cancel my order? How much is the cancellation fee?

Yes, you can cancel your order. If the order has not been shipped yet, the cancellation is free. If the product you ordered has been already shipped and is en route, we will have to withhold $25.00 fee from your payment for the returned shipment.

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