Fireside Insulated Tab Top Curtains Pair 80" & 160" wide
Fireside Insulated Tab Top Curtains Pair 80" & 160" wide
Chocolate Brown solid colorFireside Insulated Tab Top Pair of Curtains Natural ColorTie backs 24" long 2.5" wide, 1 pair
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Thermal Insulated Tab Top Panels Curtains with tie backs made in USA:

Cotton of Solid Colors

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Elegant with decorative curtain rods. Fireside Tab Top cotton window curtains made in the USA c

Solid Color:    Chocolate Brown 


                 80" wide (two panels 40" wide each) x 45" Tall / Long
                 80" wide (two panels 40" wide each) x 54" Tall / Long
                 80" wide (two panels 40" wide each) x 63" Tall / Long
                 80" wide (two panels 40" wide each) x 72" Tall / Long
                 80" wide (two panels 40" wide each) x 84" Tall / Long
                 80" wide (two panels 40" wide each) x 95" Tall / Long
               160" wide (two panels 80" wide each) x 84" Tall / Long

Fireside tab tops are made with a high quality 100% cotton duck cloth fabric, which has an insulating foam backing (composed of 80% acrylic / 20% cotton) to help stop the heating effects of the sun or cold from your windows.

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).

These exquisite Tab Top Panels Curtains are available in sizes: single width 80 inch wide (across) x 45", 54", 63", 72" and 84" tall/long. Double Width 160 inch wide x 84 inch long tab top curtains for wide windows are listed separately. Their detalied descriptions are provided on separate pages. Matching tab top filler valance can be hung either above or between curtains. When hung between panels it will cover the extra window width if you need it. 

Width of Fireside thermal tab top curtains is measured overall per pair – 2 pieces (two panels). Length in measured overall too, from the top of the tab to the bottom of the curtain. Tabs are approximately 3.6 inches tall (long). Single width Fireside tab top panels have 7 tabs each or 14 tabs per pair.

80" wide (two 40" wide panels) will accommodate about 30"-50" of window width. Maximum width it will cover is up to 78 inches across. Width is measured overall per pair - 2 pieces (two panels). Length is measure overall too, from the top to the bottom of the curtain. 

Window Width                  40" wide Panels required

up to 50 inches                    2 (one 80" wide pair)
51-78 inches                       2-4 (1-2 pairs)
79-100 inches                     4 (2 pairs)
101-150 inches                   6 (3 pairs)
151-200 inches                   8 (4 pairs)
201-250 inches                   10 (5 pairs)

160" wide (two 80" wide panels) will accommodate between 60"and 100" of window width.

Window Width                 80" wide Panels required

51-100 inches                    2 (one 160" wide pair) 
101-158 inches                  2-4 (one or two pairs) 
158-200 inches                  4 (two pairs) 
201-300 inches                  6 (three pairs)

Tab Top Panels hang from tab loops in heading of the panel, and can be hung using any decorative drapery rod. Picture shows how one pair of Fireside Tab Top Panels Curtains was used to create this look in an average width window. Matching pair of tie backs 24" long 2.5" wide available. 

It is always good to try a sample before buying a product. We encourage you to order free Fireside thermal fabric swatches if you are thinking about purchasing these curtains from us. The samples will show you the color, the texture, and the thickness of the insulated fabric the curtains are made of. 

We usually ship out this product within 4-5 weeks if in stock. Customized (shorter length) orders take longer.

Care Instructions: Manufacturer of this fabric recommends Dry Cleaning for this fabric made of 100% cotton.

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We offer a unique "Customized to shorter length" curtains ordering option to help you get the items you want in the length you need.

We are charging $5.00 Customization Fee for shortening one pair of Fireside curtains.

The size you choose has to be at least 6 inches SHORTER than the listed size lengths.

We customize the curtains which are already made, so there is a LIMIT on how many inches shorter you want your custom drape to be. If it is 6 or more inches shorter, it can be done. If you want the size 1-5 inches shorter than the standard size, we cannot do it with the curtains of nearest length because we need to cut the existing hem off, but we can with the next (longer) size.  If you want your curtains to be just 1 to 5 inches shorter, please, choose longer standard size curtain.

For example: If you need a pair of curtains to finish 43 inches long, and our web site lists only 45" and 54 inch lengths, we can customize the longer size (54 inches tall) to a finished length of your specifications, i.e. 43 inches tall.

Please, note, the length of the drapes should be in WHOLE inches, not in a half inch or fraction of an inch. For example, you cannot choose length 77 1/2 inches long, instead specify 77" or 78" long drapes.

How to Order Customized (Shorter) Lengths:

  • Order the taller length larger than the length you need if the difference in at least 6 inches. If the difference is 1-5 inches, go to the longer length.
  • During checkout, type in the "Customized length” field what length you need these curtains.
    For example, you may type “Please customize to finish 65 inches long overall” or “Hem these curtains to length 67” long.

Important Note: Customized Curtains are NON-RETURNABLE / Non-Refundable because these items have been customized to your odd size length.

Please, note, the length of the drapes should be in WHOLE inches, not in a half inch or fraction of an inch. For example, you cannot choose length 75 1/2 inches long, instead specify 75" or 76" long drapes.

We recommend first to order a Free Fabric Swatch for the curtain style you are interested in, before placing your custom order. This will allow you to make sure the fabric quality & colors will meet your expectations and needs before placing your custom length order with us.

The price you see in the menu is sale price for a pair of tab top thermal curtains.

If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match

Why? Read the answer HERE

Feed Backs from Customers who Had Bought This product - Fireside Tab Tob Curtains:

Your company has a great product, excellent customer service and the bonus is that fact that you provide custom sizes. Picking colors was a challenge. I receive an immediate response to my questions and concerns. We appreciate style and quality.
It would be nice if you thought you were going to stop carrying a certain color curtain that you would make note of it. For example, we ordered several pairs of curtains for our Lodge cabins and when I tried to order more of the same color you no longer carried that color–something close thank goodness!
Lodge Cabins, Montana

I needed the same color affordable curtains in different lengths. I asked for samples, got them right away. Every question and concern was answered promptly and efficiently. Even though the color curtain we bought is no longer available (in case I wanted more), I am confident that whenever I do need in a curtain I will be able to find what I need with your company.
I would recommend your curtains to anyone who is looking for a quality, beautifully made curtain. If possible, let your customers know if the color curtain they are ordering is going to be discontinued in the near future.
Carolyn, Sandpoint, Idaho

My number one need was to find curtains that were not made in China. But the website didn't let me buy them online because I'm in Canada. I called thermal window curtains and we made arrangements to use paypal and have the curtains shipped to my mother-in law who lives in the US. I appreciated very fast customer service, as well as good quality of the product, and the satisfaction of supporting a North American company. All of my friends have been told about this experience. We would love to see Thermal Window Curtains ship products to Canada. There are very few places to buy good quality curtains from especially if you don't want to support China.
Penny Isaak, Canada

Very nice quality tab top thermal curtains. Searched everywhere for them, just never found any that were nice enough to buy. Found your website... took a chance and ordered and I LOVE THESE! Very, very happy with my purchase and will be ordering more. Great shipping too!
 Suzanne Jury Lyke, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

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