Ordering Free Samples of the Fabrics Our Curtains are Made Of
Free Fabric Samples

Free Fabric Samples


We make exception for those Customers who already placed an order Non-Returnable SHORTER Length curtains in 3 styles - Crosby, Fireside or Cornwall. 

If you Ordered SHORTER LENGTH Crosby, Fireside or Cornwall curtains from us and want to receive Free Fabric Sample of the fabric you ordered, please, write it in the order form for us in Section 6 "For Those Who Ordered SHORTER LENGTH (optional)".  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Free Fabric Swatches Cut Out of Our Drapes 

for a number of curtains are available to order through our website. Each monitor has different color resolution, which affects the way it displays colors and hues. The color you see on your screen depends not only on the picture uploaded on the website but also on the screen setting of each individual computer. To have a better idea of a color of a curtain, it is necessary to have a fabric color swatch.

Thermal Window Curtain offers free fabric swatches of many thermal insulated curtains and drapes we carry. 

All our fabric samples are cut out of actual materials our drapes and curtains are made of. Please, keep in mind that new die lot is used by fabric manufacturers in every new bolt of fabric, so the tint of the curtains color may be slightly different from the color of the fabric sample you ordered. We are offering free fabric samples of many of our Thermal Insulated Fabrics.

If you do not see fabric samples of certain curtains on this page, it means we do not have those swatches available. If you would like to receive a fabric swatch of Trellis Thermalogic fabric, you may place you order for Weathermate fabric swatch of the same color, for their colors are identical, Weathermate just does not have a pattern on it.

All the fabric samples on ThermalWindowCurtains.com website are free. You will have to pay a small fee only for the shipping and handling if you order 4 swatches or more. For the first three samples (limited to one family residing at the same address) we do not charge S&H fee. To mail the first three samples in the USA to one address is free, from the 4th swatch up small S&H fee applies (see the rates below). Fabric samples are usually mailed within 1 or 2 business day by USPS First class mail.

It is always a good idea before buying a product to try a sample. We encourage you to order fabric swatches if you are thinking about purchasing curtains from us. The samples will give you an idea about the color; they will show you the texture, light penetration characteristic and the thickness of the fabric the curtains are made of.  

Shipping and handling fees for Free Curtain Fabric samples within the USA

Quantity of Samples   Shipping & Handling

1-3 per household         
(for the First order)      Free

4-6 (or the 2nd order 
  of 1-3 samples)         $1.25

7-9 (or the 3d order 
  or 4-6 samples)         $1.55

10-12                           $1.80
13-16                           $2.30
17-20                           $2.90
21-25                           $3.70
26-30                           $4.80
31-up                           N/A

Expedited Shipping of free fabric samples is done by USPS Priority Mail. Flat rate of $8.30 will be added to the rates in S & H table above if you choose Expedited Shipping.

Now you can order our free fabric samples to Canada.

Shipping swatches to Canada:

Quantity of Samples   Shipping & Handling

1-4                               $1.90
5-8                               $2.20
9-11                             $2.70
12-15                           $3.50
16-19                           $4.30
20-23                           $5.20
24-28                           $6.20
29-30                           $7.50
31- up                          N/A

To order fabric swatches to be shipped to foregn countries other then Canada you may order up to 4 samples and pay $2.00 fee via Paypal to our Email address Help@ThermalWindowCurtains.com using "Send money" option.

"O taste and see..."
(Psalm 34:8)
Free Fabric Samples

Free Fabric Samples

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