Thermal Insulated Window Curtains

Thermal Insulated Window Curtains

Variety of quality and affordable thermal insulated curtains that you may not find in your local stores. Wide selection of Grommet Top, Tab Top, Back Tab, Pole Top or Rod Pocket Insulated Curtains as well as traditional Thermal Pinch Pleated Drapes by size, color, fabric texture, style, design and pattern.
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Pinch PleatedPinch Pleated

Thermal Pleated drapes have the highest insulating value when used on traverse rod and with panels overlapping in the middle and wrapping around the corners. 

Grommet TopsGrommet Tops

Grommet Insulated Curtains have elegant look, slide easily and take small space on the rod when open. You may use multiple grommet panels without having slots in between. 

Patio Door PanelsPatio Door PanelsOne of the most energy inefficient parts of our houses is sliding patio door. We can significantly improve our homes insulation by using insulated patio door drapes and curtains. These cost effective alternatives to vertical blinds provide energy-saving benefits to help you save on your heating / cooling bill.

Tab Tops & Back TabsTab Tops & Back Tabs

If you do not plan to open and close your drapery panels often, tab top curtains are the rigth choice. They are very easy to hang.

Rod Pocket / Pole TopsRod Pocket / Pole Tops

Rod Pocket Panels provide privacy, insulation and light control. Great for just decorative purposes. 

BlackoutBlackoutRoom Darkening and Blackout Thermal Window Curtains offer stylish design and are able to keep the sunlight out when needed. They are perfect for use in a Bedroom or any living area where you want to close your window covering to block out the outside light.
Foam BackedFoam Backed
Lace / ThermaLaceLace / ThermaLace
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