Tie Up Grommet Thermal Curtain Panels

 Insulated Tie Up Grommet Panels

Energy Efficient Tie Up Grommet Curtains have many benefits: they look great, they slide easily on the rod, and they allow to change and adjust the length without hemming them.

Each panel has two (2) ties.  Tie up panels' length (height) is adjustable. It can be adjusted by tightening ties from 63" to about 20" tall. 

The ease of sliding grommet curtains on the rod depends on the difference in diameter of the grommets and diameter of the curtains rod you use. The bigger the difference, the easier they slide. Make sure the difference is at least 1 inch. If it is just 0.5 inches, you will experience difficulty in moving them on the rod.

In winter or in colder climate Insulated Grommet panels reduce cold from the windows. In summer or in hot climate thermal curtains help keep the cool air in and the hot air out by minimizing the sun heat coming through the windows due to the second layer of fabric they have. We offer exquisite grommet top curtain panels, in Thermalogic™ collection: Weathermate and Trellis.

CAUTION: Grommet panels have maximum width they can stretch to, which is about 20% less then their actual width! It happends because grommets on the rod prevent the curtains from stretching fully. Maximum width is mentioned on every product description page.

Weathermate curtains are come is a number of
solid colors:  Natural / Pale Yellow, White, Chocolate Brown, Blue, Navy Blue, Sage Green, Khaki, Teal, Yellow, Coral / Bright Reddish Orange, Aubergine / Purple and Burgundy Red color fabric.


Trellis Thermalogic™ Insulated Grommet Top Tie Up Panels
Printed Pattern on Base Cloth from Weathermate style


To watch Demo - video about Thermalogic curtains - http://youtu.be/LMMD9qJIj7A

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Insulated Tie Up Grommet Curtains

Insulated Tie Up Grommet Curtains

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