Category Insulated Lexi Thermalogic™ Grommet Curtain: Printed Denim Look 40" wide 63" tall
Face: 100% Cotton

Back Lining: 100% Acrylic Suede, exclusive of trim

Color: Denim. Contrasting stitching for the "jeans" look.

Six (6) Antique Brass metal grommets. Faux Leather trim: 4 inches on top and 6 inches on the bottom. 1" side hems.

One panel of 40" wide Lexi Grommet curtain when it is gathered on the rod takes about 1.7 inches.

Single 40" width Grommet curtain panel will accommodate 14"-25" of window width.

Maximum width it might cover - up to 33 inches.

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