Insulated Liners. Blackout Liner
If you have ordinary, non-insulated curtains and you would like them to have insulated properties,  Ultimate Insulated Blackout Liner or Ideal and Superior Insulated Liners will do the job for you.

Insulated Thermal Multi Purpose Curtain Liners can be used behind any design of your existing curtains (pinch pleated, rod pocket, grommet top or pole top / rod pocket curtains). By placing a liner behind them you will add an extra layer of insulation. 

Questions and Answers about Insulated Liners

Q. What is the difference between a thermal liner and thermal curtains? Do they have the same insulation value?

A. The liners are meant to be used along with regular non-insulated curtains. Then this combination will have the same insulation value, as thermal curtains.

Q. Do your insulated liners come in custom sizes?

A. No. They come in standard sizes.

Q. What is the difference between Superior and Ultimate Liner? They look the same to me.

A. Superior Liner – White on both sides; Ultimate Liner – grey on back side. They have different composition. 

Q. I understand Ultimate and Superior Liners are stiff, so if I attach it to my curtains that means I can't open the curtains when I want daylight?
A. These two Liners are sturdy, but not stiff, they flow as a thick fabric, so you can open the curtains, and they will be gathered on the rod along with the curtains without any problem. Ideal Liner is very soft.

Q. My windows are bigger than your largest size - about 120 inches. In your honest opinion, will it be worth buying if the liners are smaller than the windows?
A. If you try to use our Insulated Liners as they are, they will improve the insulation of your windows to some degree. However, if you get 3 liners, cut one liner in half and make two liners out of three, you will have great insulation.

Please, watch 1 min 50 sec Video about Thermalogic Ultimate Liner / Insulated Blackout Liner -

Thermal Liners. Thermal Blackout Liners

Thermal Liners. Thermal Blackout Liners

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