Added and Discontinued Merchandise
Here we post updates on new curtain styles, sizes, colors, that were added recently and discontinued styles, colors and sizes.

Good news - Best Seller Nantucket ThermaPlus in back! We have Khaki Tan color panels in stock. White, Navy, Cinder and Natural colors in Nantucket style are back ordered till early March. 

New products:

Superior Liner - Insulated 100% Blackout ThermaPlus™ Liner 45" wide, White on Both sides
Ventura ThermaPlus Total Blackout triple pass with foam backing Curtains Pair 104" wide
Stratus Fine Striped Insulated Semi Sheer Grommet Panel 52" wide x 84" tall
Conrad 100% Polyester Cotton Look Thermalogic Panel 40" wide x 84", 95" or 108" Tall
Ticking Stripe Thermalogic Rod Pocket Curtains Pair 80" wide x 45" - 84" tall
Infinity Lined Thermalogic Curtains Panel Twist Jacquard Grommet Top, 52" wide x 84", 95" and 108" Tall Single Panel
Quezon Insulated Woven Blackout ThermaPlus Single Panel Curtain 50" wide
Criss Cross Lined Woven Jacquard Grommet Curtain 52" Wide
Belize Woven Blackout Grommet 104" wide Pair with SilverClear Finish 63", 84" or 96" tall

Belize curtains are made on an innovative weaving technology fabric which creates a Total Blackout curtain infused with SilverClearTM treatment (EPA tested and approved). These curtains impede 100% of the light. Saves on your energy bill by reducing the drafts during the winter and keeping the hot air out during the summer.
SilverClearTM is formulated from silver, a powerful anti-bacterial agent creates a strong coating which inhibits the growth of germs and kills bacteria. SilverClearTM  Finish  gives your curtains a long lasting protection from allergens and irritants related to allergies.

Discontinued curtain products

Henderson - All
Weathermate color Jasper Blue and Chocolate Brown. A few dozen Chocolate color tab curtains are still available. See product description page for details
Trellis Tie Up Panels - All
Classic Stripe Lined Grommet Curtains
Criss Cross - All 
Natural and Linen Crosby fabric and drapes
Natural color Fireside fabric and products made out of it
HighGate Brown
Ming Black
Prescott 45" and 54" long in colors Spice, Grey and Chocolate. Still available in other colors

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Woven Design, TermaSheer
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