Category Lined Grommet Top Insulated Semi-sheer: Rhapsody European style Crushed Voile 48" wide singl

Lined Grommet Top Insulated Semi-sheer Curtain: Rhapsody European style Crushed Voile 48" wide single panel

Rhapsody Lined CRUSHED ThermVoile™ Insulated Semi-Sheer grommet top curtains are elegant energy saving curtains. Maximum width one 48" wide panel may cover is under 42 inches. These Crushed Thermal Sheer / Voile panels were discontinued. On overstock clearance have solid color Sage Green.

These inexpensive grommet top curtains are manufactured overseas with a high quality Polyester Sheer fabric (face layer) and have second layer of 100% Polyester Semi-sheer Lining (color is the same as face, but thicker and less transparent fabric). They are designed to block the effects of the cold in winter and heat of the sun from your windows and patio doors in summer.

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