Rhapsody Lined Insulated Grommet Semi-Sheer Panel 54" W x 63"-108" Tall
Rhapsody Lined Insulated Grommet Semi-Sheer Panel 54" W x 63"-108" Tall
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Rhapsody Lined Grommet Top Insulated Semi-Sheer (ThermaVoile) Curtain Panel:
European style Voile 54" wide x 63", 72", 84", 95" and 108" Long / Tall

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Face: 100% Polyester Sheer Transparent Fabric

Lining (color coordinated): 100% Polyester 
Semi-sheer Translucent (Not Transparent)

Solid colors: 
                         White (Dazzling White)
                         Ivory Natural (Cream color, Off White)
                         Agua Blue  
54 inch wide by 63 inches tall/long
54 inch wide by 72 inches tall/long
54 inch wide by 84 inches tall/long
54 inch wide by 95 inches tall/long

54 inch wide by 108 inches tall/long - Available only in White and Ivory Colors.

Length in measured overall, from the top to the bottom of the curtain. 

3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side hems.

Eight (8) Antique Brass metal grommets. Inside diameter of a grommet is 1 1/2". The distance between the upper point of the grommet and the upper edge of the curtain is 0.75 inch (extends 3/4" above the rod).

54" wide panel will accommodate 19"-32" of window width.

Maximum width this panel may cover is under 41 inch.

You may use more than two panels for the same window. Grommets allow to place several panels in the same window without spaces between curtains, like it is shown in the very last picture with green curtains.

Window Width             Panels required

up to 25 inches              1 panel
26-39 inches                  1-2 panels
40-50 inches                  2 panels
51-75 inches                  3 panels
76-100 inches                4 panels
101-125 inches              5 panels

Provides some privacy and beauty for your home. Help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows.

Sold as a single panel (1 piece). 

If in stock, we usually ship out this product within 1-3 business days.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean.

Made in China.

Please, note: This product can be ordered only 2 or more pieces (1 piece is not available).

The price in the drop down menu down below is the Sale Price.

If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match

Why? You may find the answer HERE

Feed Backs from Customers Who Bought This product - Rhapsody Lined ThermaVoile:

My ThermaVoile curtains are now up and they look great – just in time to stop the sun fading my new carpet!  It’s 30c today – almost unheard of in England – and as my flat faces south it gets full sun all day. Delivery was very quick once I’d cleared customs and our caretaker here fixed them up for me. I can’t thank you enough for all your help with colours and  sizes and for your patience during the several weeks’ decision making on my part.
With very best wishes,

Pauline Robertson, England

I have just placed my third order for Rhapsody Lined ThermaVoile sheers with you. I live on top of the highest hill in Ellis County, Texas where the sun's heat and glare is BRUTAL--all day, everyday. I replaced several of my heavy blackout drapes with your ThermaVoile sheers at the beginning of this summer. The ThermaVoile sheers were an effective barrier against the heat!!! As a result, I am going room to room, as finances permit, replacing the blackout drapes that always kept my house dark during the day. ThermaVoile sheers are my new crack! I have become addicted to a bright cheery house because of them. I sure would like to recommend them and your gracious service to others.
Arletty Haynes, Ennis, Texas

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