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Statistics On Energy Saving 

We hear about thermal curtains being able to save on your energy bill. But how much difference can they make? We would like to demonstrate it by a heating bill of our family, when we moved in a house with bare windows at Christmas time and by the end of January installed thermal curtains just in the living room which had large windows facing east. This house was about 1,400 square feet with 3 bedrooms that have small windows. Those windows remained uncovered in February. The first month (from  December 21 to January 25) our gas bill (subtracting Gas company $60 deposit) was $362, the next month when the large windows became covered with insulated curtains it dropped to $211.32, after subtracting Gas company $60 deposit, i.e. it made 45% difference in energy saving.

Here are copies of the gas bills for those two consecutive cold winter months:

Initial Expense with bare windows
Smaller Expense with Thermal Curtains Installed
Average temperature in January 2008 in Bluefield, WV: 
Average temperature in February 2008 in Bluefield, WV: 

If you are looking for ways to save, this is your chance to obtain long lasting results. Buy thermal insulated curtains, stay warm and save big!

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