Superior Liner - Insulated Blackout ThermaPlus™ Liner 45" wide
Superior Liner - Insulated Blackout ThermaPlus™ Liner 45" wide
Liner behind Grommet TopLiner behind Pinch PleatedLiner behind Tab TopLiner behind Tailored Rod PocketSuperior Liner hung with Rod Pocket PanelSuperior Liner hung with Tab Top PanelSuperior Liner hung with Grommet Top PanelSuperior Liner ThermaPlus Air Flow and BlackoutSuperior Liner Installation Instructions with Tab, Pleated and Pole Top CurtainsSuperior Liner Installation Instructions with Grommet Curtains
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Superior Liner - Multi Purpose Energy Efficient Insulated 100% Blackout Liner - ThermaPlus™

Has ThermaPlus Insulation

Blocks All the Light

Face: 100% Polyester fabric, White color

Back: 44% Rayon, 56% Cotton, White color.

Meets Condominium requirements.

Color: White on both sides
Multi Functional Liner
Has Multi heading for: Pinch Pleats, Grommets, Tab Top, Back Tab and Tailored (Pole Top or Rod Pocket) Curtain Panels. Hanging the liner behind Rod pocket curtains requires the second rod. To hang the liner with other designs (grommet, pinch pleated, tab top and back tab panels) does not require extra rod, the liner gets attached to the same rod.  
            45" wide x 56" long - fits 63" length
            45" wide x 77" long - fits 84" length
            45" wide x 88" long - fits 95"- 96" length

1/2 inch bottom hem, 1/4 inch side hems. 

It has 4 (four) rings required to use with Grommet Top curtains, inside diameter of these rings are 1 ½".

User Instructions included.

Helps to block the light and cold or the heating effects of the sun from your windows. Made in China.

Sold as ONE (1) piece (not a pair).

We usually ship out this product, if in stock, within 1-3 business days.

Care Instructions: Washable.

This product has minimum order 2 pieces, i.e. it cannot be ordered no less than 2 liners.

If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match
Why? The answer is posted HERE

Questions and Answers about This Product

Q. What is the difference between Superior and Ultimate Liner? They look the same to me.

A. Superior Liner – White on both sides; Ultimate Liner – grey on back side. They have different composition. 

Q. I understand Liner is stiff, so if I attach it to my curtains that means I can't open the curtains when I want daylight?
A. Liners are sturdy, but not stiff, they flow as a thick fabric, so you can open the curtains, and they will be gathered on the rod along with the curtains without any problem. 

Q. What is the difference between a thermal liner and thermal curtains? Do they have the same insulation value?

A. The liners are meant to be used along with regular non-insulated curtains. Then this combination will have the same insulation value, as thermal curtains.

Q. Do your insulated liners come in custom sizes?

A. No. They come in standard sizes.

Q. I discovered your Liners. My windows are bigger than your largest size - about 120 inches. In your honest opinion, will it be worth buying if the liners are smaller than the windows?
A. If you try to use our Insulated Liners as they are, they will improve the insulation of your windows to some degree. However, if you get 3 liners, cut one liner in half and make two liners out of three, you will have great insulation.

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