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Thermalogic energy efficient insulated curtains are the perfect blend of fashion and function. Designed to minimize drafts, protect carpets and valuables from sun fading, thermalogic is today's smart choice in beautiful window coverings.

Thermalogic curtains work by acting as a vapor barrier which under typical conditions impedes the flow of air from cold window surfaces into the room where the curtains are installed.


By impeding the flow of cold air thermalogic curtains contribute to the maintenance of warmer room temperatures. These series on images captured under carefully controlled conditions by a company that specializes in infra red thermal imagery illustrate thermalogic's cold air blocking abilities.


As these dramatic images show thermalogic curtains have a significant ability to impede cold air from entering the room thereby lessening the load on that room's heating system. On the left hand side the large purple area is evidence on cold air entering the room in which a non insulated curtains are installed. On the right hand side thermalogic curtain is blocking almost all the cold outside air which means that the room in which it is installed requires less energy to heat.


And in the today's tough economy anything that a consumer can do to reduce energy consumption is a step in the right direction.

Thermalogic energy efficient insulated curtains don't just help reduce the energy consumption, they look great doing it. Thermalogic is available in the wide range of fashion floor fabrics to suit a wide range of decorating tastes.
Thermalogic - the perfect blend of fashion and function: window coverings that work.

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Thermalogic™ Insulated Curtains

We have Thermalogic Insulated Curtains in stock and ship them very quickly, normally within 1-2 business days.

Thermalogic™ Insulated Grommet, Tab Curtains, Liner and Set

Thermalogic™ Insulated tab top and grommet top curtains, complete insulated panel sets are elegant energy saving window and door coverings. These window and door treatments have different several styles: popular Weathermate solid color, Hanover Floral, Laundry Stripe pattern, Media Blackout Microsuede, Shangri-La faux silk Rod Pocket panel, Prelude Complete Sliding Door Set and Ultimate Blackout Insulated Liner fitting for any design curtains. New styles will be added soon.

These fine quality inexpensive window curtains are manufactured overseas with a high quality material: Weathermate and Laundry Stripe from duck cotton, Shangri-La and Media from Polyester. They all are backed with thermal lining bonded to the surface fabric. Insulating foam back lining is white color and composed of 100% Acrylic Suede and bonded to the cloth designed to block the effects of the cold in winter and heat of the sun from your windows and patio doors in summer.

Please note, that customization is NOT available for Thermalogic curtains.

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Thermalogic™ Insulated Curtains

Thermalogic™ Insulated Curtains

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Blackout Insulated Grommet Top Curtains pair: Four Seasons Thermalogic™ Thermalock ™ (SKU: 70930-188)
Broad Stripe Insulated Grommet Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70876-188)
Broad Stripe Insulated Tab Top Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic (SKU: 70895-153)
Broad Stripe Insulated Tab Valance: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70895-438)
Double Layered Insulated Faux Silk Grommet Curtains Pair: Miller Reversible (SKU: 70815-188)
Double Width Broad Stripe Insulated Grommet Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70876-W)
Double Width Broad Stripe Insulated Tab Top Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70895-153W)
Double Width Insulated Grommet Top Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70370-W)
Double Width Insulated Tab Top Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70292-W)
Insulated Blackout Grommet Brush Cotton Twill Single Panel Curtain: Nantucket ThermaPlus™ (SKU: 70861-109)
Insulated Grommet Curtains Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70370)
Insulated Grommet Curtains: Trellis Thermalogic™ 80" wide Pair (SKU: 70920-188)
Insulated Grommet Top Valance 40" wide 15" tall/long - Weathermate Thermalogic ™ (SKU: 70370-392)
Insulated Patio Door Single Panel: Weathermate Pinch Pleated (SKU: 70642-580)
Insulated Pinch Pleated Drapes Pair: Weathermate Thermalogic ™ (SKU: 70642-500)
Insulated Pole Top Faux Silk Dupioni Curtain Panel: Shangri-La style (SKU: 70228-105)
Insulated Tab Top Curtains (one pair): Weathermate Thermalogic (SKU: 70292)
Insulated Tab Top Valance: Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 70292-438)
Insulated Tie Up Grommet 40" wide x 63" tall Panel - Weathermate Thermalogic™ (SKU: 71033-221)
Lined Insulated Grommet Top Lace Curtains - ThermaLace™ Anna style (SKU: 70941-188)
Prelude Complete Insulated Sliding Door Panel Set 48"-78" wide 84" tall (SKU: 70846-214)
Prelude Insulated Grommet Top Curtain 40" wide 63" or 95" tall: Single Panel (SKU: 70681-109)
Ultimate Liner - Insulated Blackout Thermalogic™ Liner (SKU: 70472-150)
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