Trellis Insulated Grommet Thermalogic™ 40" wide x 63" Long Tie Up Panel
Trellis Insulated Grommet Thermalogic™ 40" wide x 63" Long Tie Up Panel
Trellis tie up panel in between Weathermate curtains Navy colorTrellis Yellow Tie Up PanelsTrellis Yellow Close UpTrellis ONE tie up panel. Color discontinuedTrellis Pattern in Comparison with a 25 cent coin (quarter)
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Trellis Thermalogic™ Insulated Grommet Top Window Curtain Panel
40" wide x 63" long Tie Up Single Panel

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Face: 100% cotton duck cloth fabric
Back: 100% Acrylic Suede foam lining, White color. Meets Condominium requirements.

Colors in Trellis Pattern:      Yellow

In the main picture you see Red Trellis curtains displayed with Navy Blue Weathermate pair. In order for you to see how big a pattern it is in Trellis curtain we provided a picture of it together with a quarter (25 cent coin). In the smaller pictures you can see two tie up Trellis panels displayed, onlye the last one, Teal color is a single panel.

Size:                                   40 inch wide by 63 inches tall tie up single panel
Six (6) Antique Brass metal grommets per panel.
Inside diameter of a grommet is 1.5". One panel of 40" wide curtain when it is gathered on the rod takes 1.7 inches of width.

3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side hems. Two (2) 1 1/2" wide x 53" long ties. Ties are attached 15" from top of the panel.

40" width of a panel will accommodate 15"-25" of window width.

Maximum width one panel may cover - under to 33 inches.

Width of Trellis thermal curtain panels is measured overall per panel. Length in measured overall too, from the top to the bottom of the curtain. 
Help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows.

Sold as a single panel (1 piece).

If in stock, we usually ship out this product within 1-3 business days.

Grommet Top Panels can be hung using any decorative drapery rod.

To watch a short Demo about these curtains -

Country of origin: China.

CAUTION: After being washed in cold water and drip dry Trellis curtains shrink up to 8.5% or more, mostly in length. Some washing machines have "Cold" setting that allows hot water access periodically: this will cause bigger shrinkage. You want to choose such Washer setting that does not allow hot water access at all. You can find it out by touchig the water when your washer is filling and checking its temperature. Drying in the dryer, in the scorching sun and using strong detergent will also cause shrinkage. 

Care Instructions: Washable in cold water, Line dry, NO drier.
Warning: If you use the drier in violation of Care Instructions (even on Low setting) the curtains will shrink more. Do NOT use the drier to avoid more shrinkage!

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Feedback from a Customer Who Purchased this Product

We wanted to cover windows where heat and cold were problematic. We were looking for a product easy to mount. Trellis tie up panels are very high quality material and construction. They solved our needs to better control effects of sun and cold weather. I also appreciated very clear guide for ordering.
Thank you

Vicki, Springfield, Illinois

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