Ventura Insulated Total Blackout ThermaPlus Tab Top Curtains Pair 104" & 156" Wide
Ventura Insulated Total Blackout ThermaPlus Tab Top Curtains Pair 104" & 156" Wide
Ventura Dark Grey Tab Top CurtainsVentura Pebble Color Tab Top CurtainsVentura Natural Color Tab Top CurtainsVentura Off White Tan Top CurtainsVentura Dark Grey Curtain Close Up BottomVentura Pebble Color Curtain Close Up BottomVentura Natural Color Curtain Close Up BottomVentura Off White Curtain Close Up BottomVentura Blue Tab Top CurtainsVentura Blue Curtain Close Up Bottom
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Ventura Total Blackout ThermaPlus Tab Top
FoamBacked Pair of Curtains with Contrasting Stripe

104" wide (2 panels 54" wide each) or 156" wide (2 panels 78" each)
by 63"or 84" Long Pair

Blocks 100% of the Light

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Face: 98% Polyester, 2% Linen
Back: 100% Polyacrylate
Flocking: 100% Rayon

Solid colors available: 
                                     Dark Grey
                                     Off White

            104 inch wide by 63 inches tall/long,
            104 inch wide by 84 inches tall/long,
            156 inch wide by 84 inches tall/long
3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side hems.

Eight (8) Tabs (2 x 3 1/2) per panel in 104" wide panels, 16 tabs per pair. Twelve (12) Tabs (2 x 3 1/2) per panel in 156" wide pair.

104" wide pair (two panels, each one is 52" wide) will comfortably accommodate 37"-62" of window width, up to 102 inches.

Ventura curtains are a triple pass foam back creatring a blackout curtain. These curtains impede 100% of the light.

Saves on your energy bill by reducing the drafts during the winter and keeping the hot air out during the summer.

Prevents fading effects of the sun from your windows. 

Sold as a Pair (2 panels).

We usually ship out this product within 2-3 business days if in stock.

Care Instructions: Washable.

Country of origin: China.

If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match

Why? Read the answer HERE

Feed Back from a Customer who Had Bought This product:

I needed to replace my old thermal curtains that had been purchased from Country Curtains... and they had gone out of business. It was difficult to find curtains to fit my sliding doors. After finding Ventura curtains on your website I felt relieved that I found ones that were the right size to replace my old ones.

Your customer service sent me a free fabric swatch to so I could check that the color would work. Ventura Tab Curtains provide Privacy at night and block strong western sun in the afternoon. I would recommend them to anyone looking for curtains for sliding doors! The curtains were perfect!

The sample fabric swatch was really great and it was nice that you had us send dimensions so that you could double check for us that what we selected should work.

Jennifer, Pennsylvania

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