Frequently Asked Questions about Weathermate Thermalogic Curtains

Note: Trellis Curtains are made of the Same Fabric as Weathermate

How to get the wrinkles out of Weathermate curtains?

The easiest way to rid of wrinkles is to just hang them and they may simply straighten out by hanging for a few days. If this did not work, then there are other ways that take some efforts:
1) Use wrinkle release spray,
2) iron with steam iron on LOW SETTING carefully from the fabric side (not backing side, which can melt easily);
3) Do NOT put Weathermate curtains in a dryer, because they shrink. You can steam or iron Weathermate. For more details please see

We ordered Weathermate Curtains. They work well. However the chemical smell is so overwhelming we have to open the windows. Is this normal and will go away? 
Thermal foambacked fabrics have smell due to its foam backed insulated lining. Weathermate fabric has a stronger smell. It is safe and will go away in several days on its own. To get rid of the smell faster you may either wash them or hang them outside on the line.

I am inquiring if Weathermate curtains might possible be available in a 54 inch length; 63" length is a bit long for my windows.

We do not have 54" length, but please keep in mind 2 things:

1) Weathermate fabric shrinks 1%-9% un length, so after being washed (cold water only, line dry, no drier) Weathermate curtains will become shorter,
2) tabs are 3 1/2 inches tall, so the curtains have to be mounted at least 4" above the upper edge of the window to give proper coverage.

Are Weathermate and Trellis curtains blackout?

No. They are not. 

Can Weathermate be dry cleaned instead of washed?

Weathermate can NOT be dry cleaned. The manufacturer's care instructions are "wash in cold water and drip dry, no dry clean."

Can we stick Weathermate curtains in the drier just enough to remove the wrinkles after we wash them in cold water?
No, absolutely not. Weathermate and Trellis curtains are made of cotton, and they will shrink significantly after being in a drier just for a very short period of time. Just follow the instructions, hang them on the line, and if you are concerned about wrinkles, you may iron them or use wrinkle release spray after they are completely dry.

What's the largest size pole width diameter can I get for the weather mate grommet drape?

Weathermate inside diameter of the grommet is 1.5", so any diameter smaller than that will work. However, if the difference between the rod diameter and grommet diameter is small (like half an inch difference, when the rod is 1" wide), the curtains will move on the rod with difficulty. If the curtain rod is much smaller (like 0.5" diameter), the Grommet curtains can be moved very easily, in one stroke.

What curtains are most noise reducing?

Navar and Weathermate are quite noise reducing. On Overstock Sale we have just a couple of panels of Horizon, that are specifically designed as noise reducing.

Weathermate Thermalogic curtain uses Acrylic Suede for its backing. Does the Acrylic Suede uses formaldehyde? I am placing these drapes in my 7 month old son's room and do not want a product that has the potential to off gas like acrylic based fabrics have a tendency to do.
Lab tests of the Weathermate and Trellis fabrics showed very low level or formaldehyde, 25 mg/kg, whereas the state with the toughest regulations, California, allows up to 75 mg/kg. The testing was done based on the requirement of Target US and Confirmed by SGS S.A.

I'm afraid to iron Weathermate because of shrinkage. I am also afraid to expose the drapery to any moisture or heat because of the potential shrinkage.
You may safely iron cotton foambacked curtains, because shrinkage is caused by washing and agitation (laundry process) in the washing machine, as well as drying wet fabric in the drier. Just iron the curtains from the face (cotton, colored) side and never from the back, where the white lining is.
Here are links and quotes from different sources about the causes of shrinkage, which may help you to handle the curtains and care for them with more freedom and confidence.

"What causes clothes to shrink when you wash them?" -
"It is the heat in the dryer and also agitation... Cotton is also affected by agitation because the thread that cloth is woven or knitted from has been stretched. Bouncing around in the washer or dryer will cause the fibers to contract..."
About Ironing and Shrinkage -
"Ironing will not shrink your clothes or fade them but frequent washing, strong detergents or drying in the scorching sun will."
"What Causes Fabric To Shrink" - 
"Does the heat from a clothes iron cause the clothes to shrink?" -
"...ironing shouldn't shrink your clothes, however, if your use a lot of steam it can sometimes affect the shape of your clothes. I think the best thing to do is to use a low heat when you're ironing to avoid any disasters."

I am concerned that Weathermate curtains will fade.

Weathermate curtains are thermal / insulated, not UV protectant (not fade resistant). Unfortunately intense and bright color fabrics (especially Burgundy and Navy) fade faster, than neutral colors - If your room gets lots of sunlight you will benefit from choosing less bright and more neutral colors (like Natural).

I bought Weathermate Navy color curtains from you a few years ago. I love them, but they faded quite a bit. Can I bleach them to even the coloration?

We don't recommend bleaching Weathermate, because they can be badly damaged in the process - first of all foam backing most likely will be ruined. BTW, one of our employees tried to remove color off some clothes and left them in bleach for 2 days; after they rinsed and dried the item, they fell apart.
If perhaps you consider discoloration by using Color Remover (like Rit that is available in WalMart) or dying the curtains, we discourage you from doing it, since it requires boiling the fabric. Hot water causes cotton to shrink significantly and will melt the foam backing.

I am interested in Weathermate Tie-Up Panel. How do I find curtains that are matching in color and texture?

Please, type the word "Weathermate" in "Search by Keyword" box and click "Search" button. It will bring the list off all Weathermate style curtains that are made from the same fabric as Weathermate Tie-Up Panel. The same principle applies to all other styles of curtains to find a matching product.

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