Weathermate Insulated Grommet Curtains Pair Thermalogic™
Weathermate Insulated Grommet Curtains Pair Thermalogic™
Sage Green solid colorKhaki solid color Navy Blue solid color Burgundy Red solid colorSage Green solid color thermal fabricKhaki Solid color thermal fabricNavy Blue solid color thermal fabricBurgundy / Bordeaux solid color thermal fabricBlue solid color Night Watch Green CurtainsDolphin Grey CurtainsNatural (between Pale Yellow and Cream hue) solid color thermal fabricBlue solid color insulated fabricNight Watch GreenDolphin GreyWhite solid color Silver  solid colorWeathermate Double width Grommet Top pair of curtainsWeathermate Grommet valanceGrommet panels overlapping each other
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Weathermate Thermalogic™ Insulated Grommet Top Window Curtain Panels
 80" wide (two panels, 40" wide each)

160" wide (two panels, 80" wide each)

Please, scroll to the bottom of the page to select color, size and see the prices.

Face: 100% cotton duck cloth fabric
Back: 100% Acrylic Suede foam lining

Solid Colors: White
                       Navy Blue
                       Sage Green
                       Khaki Tan
                       Burgundy Red
                       Natural (shades vary between Pale Yellow and Cream, read more HERE)  
                       Dolphin Grey
                       Night Watch Green

CAUTION: Weathermate fabrics may have small colored threads in them.

                           80 inch wide by 54 inches tall
                           80 inch wide by 63 inches tall
                           80 inch wide by 72 inches tall
                           80 inch wide by 84 inches tall
                           80 inch wide by 95 inches tall
                          160 inch wide by 84 inches tall
Six (6) Antique Brass metal grommets per panel in 80" wide pair, twelve (12) grommets in 160" wide pair.
Inside diameter of a grommet is 1.5". The distance between the upper point of the grommet and the upper edge of the curtain is one inch [1" extends above the rod or the grommet]. One pair of 80" wide Weathermate Grommet curtains when it is gathered on the rod takes three and a half inches of width, and one panel - 1.7 inches.

3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side hems.

Single 80" width Grommet curtains pair (two 40 inches wide panels) will stretch Maximum up to 68 inches of width (and will look almost flat), but will look much more beautiful, with folds and waves, if the width of your window or door is 30"-50".

You may use more than two panels for the same window. Grommets allow to place several panels in the same window without spaces between curtains, like it is shown in the very last picture with green curtains.
Window Width                80" wide Pairs required

up to 53 inches                  1
54-107  inches                   2
106-160  inches                 3

Double 160" width Grommet curtains pair will stretch Maximum up to 140 inches of width (and will look almost flat), but will look much more beautiful, with folds and waves, if the width of your window or door is 60"-100".

One pair of 160" wide Weathermate Grommet curtains when it is gathered on the rod takes 7 inches of width, and one panel - 3.5 inches.

Window Width                160" wide Pairs required

up to 107 inches                1
108-213  inches                 2
214-320  inches                 3
Width of Weathermate thermal curtain panels is measured overall per pair – 2 pieces (two panels). Length in measured overall too, from the top to the bottom of the curtain. 
Double Width 160 inch wide x 84 inch long curtains for wide windows are listed both on this page for your convenience and separately. Coordinating Grommet top valances are available for ordering are listed on this page and on the different page seperately

Help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows.

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).

In Stock. We usually ship out this product within 1-3 business days.

Grommet Top Panels can be hung using any decorative drapery rod.

To watch a short Demo about these curtains -

Country of origin: China.

Care Instructions: Washable in cold water, Line dry, NO drier.

CAUTION: After being washed in cold water and drip dry Weathermate curtains shrink up to 8.5% or more, mostly in length. Some washing machines have "Cold" setting that allows hot water access periodically: this will cause bigger shrinkage. You want to choose such Washer setting that does not allow hot water access at all. You can find it out by touchig the water when your washer is filling and checking its temperature. Drying in the dryer, in the scorching sun and using strong detergent will also cause shrinkage. 

Warning: If you use the drier in violation of Care Instructions (even on Low setting) the curtains will shrink more. Do NOT use the drier to avoid more shrinkage!

We recommend reading FAQ about Weathermate Curtains. Please, click HERE

If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match

Why? Read the answer HERE

Feed Back from Customers Who Bought Weathermate Grommet Insulated Thermalogic Curtains

Our power bill was getting out of hand and the blinds just weren't doing enough by themselves so we started looking for curtains. Finding affordable curtains that were still attractive and did what I need them to was definitely a problem I was struggling with.
It was my first time ordering from so I was nervous about the quality of the products I would be receiving; that turned out to be a completely unfounded concern. I never had to contact customer service but the entire site was easy to use and shipping was much faster than I was expecting. After we put the curtains up throughout the house, our power bill literally dropped 40% compared to where it was last year. On top of that, everyone that comes over always comments how much they love what I've done with the windows.
I would recommend Weathermate curtains to anyone that it is looking to help cut cooling costs, freshen up a room, or is just searching for a nice set of curtains in general.

Jade Pharris, Alabaster, Alabama

Main door to house entry is a french (glass) door which is lovely but the light causes too much reflection in our living room for the TV. The reflection made it difficult to view the picture. Finding the proper curtain length was a problem. Most stores only stock shorter or longer lengths. Your company had the precise length I needed. After my order arrived I felt happy.
It was all good. You had what I needed, it shipped quickly, you delivered what you described and promised. Curtains have light blocking and insulation {Customer ordered Navy color Weathermate curtains. Weathermate is NOT light blocking, but Navy color blocks lots of light}, also a nice quality, hang well.
I am a real estate agent. I will recommend and mention your company/line of products to clients of mine.

Kathy Samul, East Granby, Connecticut 

We were looking for a specific color and length to fit our space and were worried about the color and not wanting to have to pay to return. Glad I went your product knowing it's a good quality. Great curtains but even better customer service that cared about our needs. We appreciate Extra warmth along with a modern and better color than imagined.

Jena, Charlottesville, Virginia

Sunlight was coming through the window, I was trying to find 72 inch long room darkening curtains.
After receiving Weathermate Chocolate color curtains I felt satisfied. They are excellent room darkening. It was helpful to receive several swatches to determine the correct curtains for the room.

S.D., New Port Richey, Florida

I have cold, drafty windows and blinds that never worked right.
When I bought Weathermate drapes I felt hopeful. Service was prompt and accurate.
I enjoy having no more drafts; it is easier to keep warm. I would recommend these curtains to anyone.
Margaret Allen, Rozet, Wyoming 

I needed insulated curtains. After making the purchase I felt relieved. Customer service was quick and courteous. I received the product in a few days, just what I was looking for. I would you recommend Weathermate curtains to anyone.
Pat, Waretown, New Jersey 

I needed a solution to update patio door/window. Finding a nice selection of thermals in different styles and colors was a challenge.
I was impressed by the fabric of the material. The curtain was very well made. Heavy and the color was exactly what I needed. I was very happy and could not wait to hang the curtains at my patio door. The added bonus was the grommet which was bronze/brown the other color we are doing our living room (I was whooping for joy because I never even thought of that when ordering the curtain).
I was impressed with the ease in ordering and the quickness of the shipping. (I will note however that the 1st set of curtains came in a package, not boxed and were pretty beat up and the next shipment came in a box and were in very good condition.)
Curtains look beautiful and elegant on the window/door and have changed the room completely. Give a modern updated look but elegant. I have received compliments. 
I chose white and when the curtains are closed they will darken the room enough but still let enough light in to give a nice color to the room... just perfect and I can tell these are going to work well this winter for thermal. 
The heaviness in the material cause the curtains to hang just right no matter if there are closed or open.
I would recommend them to anyone who wants a thermal curtain that does not look your normal "Grandma's" thermal curtain -- these are the ones. I am very impressed. I don't have many windows in my town home, but when I redo my other rooms I will probably return for more curtains.
You make a fantastic product and your shipping is really fast. Thank you for a great product - I'm happy.

Gail L Via, Millersville, Pennsylvania

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