Weathermate Insulated Tab Top Thermalogic Curtains Pair or Valance
Weathermate Insulated Tab Top Thermalogic Curtains Pair or Valance
Natural Solid color tab CurtainsSage Green Solid color tab curtainsBurgundy Red Solid color tab curtainsBlue solid colorNatural / Pale Yellow solid colorSage Green solid colorBurgundy Red solid colorWhite solid colorKhaki Tan Solid colorNavy Blue solid colorDolphin Grey Curtains with ValanceNight Watch Green CurtainsDouble width Weathermate tab top curtains pair40" wide x 15" tall Weathermate tab top valance Chocolate color
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Weathermate Thermalogic™ Insulated Tab Curtain Pair of Panels
80" wide (two panels, 40" wide each) by 54" - 95" long or 
160" wide (two panels, 80" wide each) by 84" long 
or 40" wide x 15 " tall Valance

Please, scroll to the bottom of the page to select color, size and see the prices.

Face: 100% cotton duck cloth fabric
Back: 100% Acrylic Suede foam lining

Solid Colors:  White
                       Navy Blue
                       Sage Green
                       Khaki Tan
                       Burgundy Red
                       Natural (shades vary between Pale Yellow and Cream, read more HERE)  
                       Night Watch Green

CAUTION: Weathermate fabrics may have small colored threads of Red, Blue, Green colors in them.

                     80 inch wide by 54 inches tall
                     80 inch wide by 63 inches tall
                     80 inch wide by 72 inches tall
                     80 inch wide by 84 inches tall
                     80 inch wide by 95 inches tall 
                    160 inch wide by 84 inches tall

3 inch bottom hem,
1 inch side hems. 
Tabs are approximately 3.5 inches tall (long) and 2 inches wide. Weathermate has 6 tabs in single width panels or 12 tabs per pair. When gathered on the rod one panel takes about 9 inches of width.

80" wide (two 40" wide panels) will accommodate about 30"-50" of window width, up to 78" width. Width of Weathermate thermal curtain panels is measured overall per pair – 2 pieces (two panels). Length in measured overall too, from the top to the bottom of the curtain. Tab Top 40” wide Filler Valance can be displayed between thermal tab top panels to accommodate wider window and add extra width. 

Sold as a pair (2 pieces).

One 80" wide panel has 6 tabs or it is 12 tabs per pair. 

Window Width                80" wide Pairs required

up to 53 inches                  1
54-107  inches                   2
106-160  inches                 3

If you need to add width you may consider ordering either Double Width (160 inch wide) panels or more pairs of single width, or adding valances. Coordinating 40" wide by 15" tall tab valances are listed on this page for your convenience and separately. 

Window Width                160" wide Pairs required

up to 107 inches                1
108-213  inches                 2
214-320  inches                 3

Double Width (160 inch wide x 84 inch long) tab top curtains for wide windows are listed on this page and separately also. One pair of Double width curtains have 11 tabs per panel or 22 tabs per pair. 

Double 160" (two of 80" wide panels) covers somewhere between 60 and 100 inches of window width, maximum up to 158" inches. When gathered on the rod one panel takes about 16 inches of width.

Weathermate tab window treatments help stopping the cold or the heating and fading effects of the sun from your windows.

We usually ship out this product within 1-3 business days. We normally have them all in stock. 

Tab Top Panels can be hung using any decorative drapery rod.

Country of origin: China.

CAUTION: After being washed in cold water and drip dry Weathermate curtains shrink 1%-9% mostly in length. Some washing machines have "Cold" setting that allows hot water access periodically: this will cause bigger shrinkage. You want to choose such Washer setting that does not allow hot water access at all. You can find it out by touchig the water when your washer is filling and checking its temperature. Drying in the dryer, in the scorching sun and using strong detergent will also cause shrinkage. 

Care Instructions: Washable in cold water, Line dry, NO drier.
Warning: If you use the drier in violation of Care Instructions (even on Low setting) the curtains will shrink more. Do NOT use the drier to avoid more shrinkage!

We recommend reading FAQ about Weathermate Curtains. Please, click HERE

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If you purchase curtains for the same room separately 
rather than at the same time, their colors may NOT fully match

Why? Read the answer HERE

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Feed Backs from Customers Who Bought This product -
Weathermate Insulated Thermalogic™ Tab Top Curtains:

Sunlight was coming through the window, I was trying to find 72 inch long room darkening curtains.
After receiving Weathermate Chocolate color curtains I felt satisfied. They are excellent room darkening {Note: Weathermate curtains are NOT room darkening, but dark color Weathermate panels, like Chocolate and Navy, block almost all the light}. It was helpful to receive several swatches to determine the correct curtains for the room. 

S.D., New Port Richey, Florida

Parking lot security lights caused too much light in my bedroom, and your Weathermate Burgundy color curtains solved the problem. Besides blocking unwanted light, the curtains will provide a good insulation barrier during winter weather, and are quite attractive. I would recommend Weathermate curtains to anyone seeking either darkening drapes or insulating drapes.

Keep up the good work. I was very pleased with the ease of ordering, quick delivery and product quality.

Doug Kinnaird, Beaverton, Oregon

I was looking for 72 inch long, thick fabric, navy blue curtain panels for toddler's bedroom. I appreciated the simple fact that you even have 72 inch long navy blue curtain panels, which are hard to find. I would recommend these curtains to anyone needing something similar.

Brigette Q., San Ramon, California

We have drafty windows in our new apt. I enjoyed fast replies to my emails. Weathermate curtains look nice. Easy to iron. nice coloring. I would recommend them to anyone with drafty windows.

Jennifer, Beverly, Massachusetts

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