Category From 90" To 208" Wide Window - Combination of Trellis Pattern and Solid Color Curtains

If your window / patio door is between 90 inches and 208 inches wide

Combination of Matching color Grommet Top Insulated Curtains: One pair of 160" wide Solid Color Weathermate Curtains and either One Trellis 80" wide Pair or 2 Trellis Tie Up Panels.

When positioned next to each other 80" wide patterned drapes pair, Trellis (or two panels 40" wide each Trellis tie up panels), and 160" wide Weathermate Grommet Curtains of the same color would cover from 90" of Window or Door width up to 208 inches. They look elegant and exquisite and create a unique beauty in your room on top of energy saving effect.

Matching colors: Trellis Red and Weathermate Burgundy; Trellis and Weathermate Yellow, Teal, Khaki Tan, Navy Blue and Aubergine Purple.

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