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What are thermally insulated curtains, their advantages, and what are the factors that can affect their prices
September 12, 2022

What are curtains with thermal insulation?

Blackout curtains, also referred to as thermal insulated curtains, are frequently used to maximize the amount of heat in any room of your house where you decide to install these types of curtains. These thermal curtains help less heat escape from your home's windows, improving energy efficiency, thanks to the specially insulated fabric. 

Additionally, thermally insulated curtains do offer a respectable level of noise reduction protection, fostering a calm environment inside your home. In light of blackout levels, insulated fabric types, energy efficiency, and price, how should you choose the ideal thermal insulated curtains for you?

How do thermally insulated drapes function?

Thermal insulated curtains help you increase your level of energy efficiency by using specialized insulated fabric to keep heat inside your home. Additionally, thermally insulated curtains stop cold air from entering your house through the windows. Additionally, the thick fabric of thermal insulated curtains shields the home from outside noise pollution.

Additionally, you can rely on your insulated blackout curtains to keep light out of the house; this is especially helpful if you plan to hang them in a bedroom. You might be surprised to learn that thermal insulated curtains can effectively stop outside heat from entering your home through your windows.

This means that instead of just regulating the temperature in your home during the winter, your thermal insulated curtains will also help to keep it cool and comfortable during the summer. They further improve the energy efficiency of your home because you won't need to use your air conditioner as frequently to combat the heat from the sun coming through your windows.

What benefits do thermal insulated curtains offer?

Thanks to their high-quality insulated fabric, thermal insulating curtains, also known as thermal insulated blackout curtains, offer four key benefits: improved thermal insulation at a reasonable price; elimination of the "cold wall" effect for better heat levels in the home; improved comfort during hot summer days; and, finally, excellent levels of thermal, noise, and light insulation.

A reduction in the "cold wall" effect will improve thermal comfort.

A phenomenon known as the "cold wall" effect is caused by the temperature difference between the warm interior of the house and the cold outside in the winter. If the window only has single glazing, this is accentuated.

Any room in the house will experience significantly lower thermal comfort levels as a result of this "cold wall" window effect. Installing thermally insulated or blackout curtains is your best bet for limiting this "cold wall" effect and minimizing heat loss through windows and doors.

Increased comfort in the heat of the summer

Thermally insulated curtains come in handy not only in the cold but also in the heat. Your blackout curtains will aid in preventing the sun's heat from entering your home in the summer and preserving cozy temperatures there.

Due to the insulated fabric of your blackout curtains, you will need less air conditioning during the summer, allowing you to maximize your home's energy efficiency.

Affordable and improved thermal insulation.

By adding an insulated fabric panel to any window or door in your house, thermal insulated curtains help with home insulation. These are the places where heat leaks frequently happen, especially if a room has a sizable feature window.

Obviously, the additional insulation that thermally insulated curtains can offer depends on the window's initial thermal performance and energy efficiency.

The thermal insulated curtains will have a greater impact on the heat leak levels, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency of the window if you only have single glazing. The thermally insulated curtains will still be helpful even if the window is already well-insulated with double or triple glazing.

By making sure your windows have double or even triple glazing, you can increase their energy efficiency. The less expensive option for a better-insulated window, though, is installing thermally insulated curtains!

Insulation against sound, heat, and light.

Due to the fabric's blackout properties, these insulated curtains offer excellent levels of heat leakage, noise pollution, and light pollution blockage. Additionally, the thick fabric of thermal insulated curtains is helpful for enhancing your home's sense of privacy.

Selecting appropriate thermal insulated curtains

In any room of your house, you can place your thermal-insulated curtains wherever you need them to be: in front of doors, a bay window, a sliding glass door, a regular window, etc.

Basically, installing thermal insulated or blackout curtains is a great idea wherever there may be heat leaks through a door or a window.

Every budget can find thermal insulated curtains that vary mainly in fabric type, cost, and potential for energy efficiency.

The least expensive fabrics in terms of price are thermal insulated PET and PVC curtains, while wool curtains are more expensive (yet are more aesthetic and ecological).

What are the factors that affect thermally insulated curtains prices?

Several important factors that affect thermally insulated curtain prices include:

  • The curtain material used for insulation

  • The curtains' size and dimensions (depending on the size of the door or window to be insulated)

  • The curtain's manufacturer of thermal insulation

  • The most affordable thermally insulated curtains are made of PET or PV, while more expensive curtains are made of wool (but are a more ecological option).

It's a good idea to use thermally insulated curtains to stop heat from escaping through your home's doors and windows. With blackout curtains, you can improve your home's thermal comfort, lessen noise and light pollution, and increase privacy.

Thermally insulated curtains offer a solution to all the insulation needs by giving you and your house the much-needed protection and warmth by insulating the indoors from the harsh cold air from the outside. You can get a good idea on what is the benefit and what are the factors that affect the curtain's prices, making it much easier for you to navigate and get your own thermal curtain that does what you need it to do at an affordable price.