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Why COLORS in Curtains May NOT Match
August 29, 2022

Pursuing Complete COLOR MATCH

If you purchase the same style and color curtains by placing TWO or more different orders at different times (in other words, if you order them separately rather than at the same time) their color may not exactly match.

New die lot is used by fabric manufacturers in every new bolt of fabric. That entails slight differences in tints of colors in different bolts of fabrics.

While filling your order we make sure that the curtains of the same color fully match and there is no difference in their color hue or tint. If you order curtain products for the same window or room by placing two or more orders rather than ordering them ALL AT THE SAME TIME, there is a chance that the color shades will not exactly match, though they will be very close.
The curtains in your second order will still be the same color (Red, Green, Blue or some other), but a minor color difference is possible between the curtains from your first and second order.
The same applies to fabric swatches order. Minor differences may occur between the fabric samples color and the actual curtains color.
If you care about the exact color match, 


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