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Dear guests of our Thermal Window Curtains website

You need to know some very important things in order to make your shopping experience pleasant and successful.

Failure to consider this information may cause a number of problems.

Five critical issues in choosing the right curtain(s) for your room are

• Size,

• Color

• Light Blocking

• Thinness / Thickness of fabric

• Care Instructions

Curtain Size

Carefully measure your windows (patio door) before choosing the size of drapes for them. Here are guidelines to follow depending on the design of the drapes you are looking for.

The main rules for:

Tab Top, Grommet Top and Rod Pocket (Pole Top) curtains is their width has to be 1.5 to 3 times bigger than your window width.
   It is especially important got Grommet Top curtains. They do not stretch to their full width, but just part way (about 80%).
   Maximum width of the Grommet curtains they can be stretch to is posted on each Grommet Product description page.

Pinch Pleated Drapes: the width of your window/patio door/drapery rod is about the width of the drape(s) you would need.

                     You might want to add a few extra inches to the width if you want the drapes to overlap in the middle.

                     Add extra 8-12" (if a pair) or 5-7" (single panel) to wrap around the corner(s) of the traverse rod.

For more information, please follow Measuring Guidelines on “Shop by Size” page.

We can shorten the length of three styles of curtains (Crosby, Fireside and Cornwall) for a fee. The curtains that we can make shorter have this information on their product description page. Be aware that customized curtains are Non-returnable / Non-refundable. For more information, please, see ourReturn Policy” Page.

Curtain Color

Each computer monitor has different color resolution, which affects the way it displays colors and hues. The color you see on your screen depends not only on the picture uploaded on the website but also on the screen setting of each individual computer. Therefore, the rendition of colors by computers may be slightly different between computers.  To be more sure of a color of a curtain, it is very helpful to have a fabric color swatch.  We offer free fabric swatches of almost all thermal and all lined and sheer curtains for all customers who request them.  

When an order of curtain products of the same color fabric goes into production, those products are made from the same bolt of fabric. Different bolts of fabrics of the same color may have subtle color differences because of new die lot used by fabric manufacturers in every new bolt. We have no way to keep fabric to guarantee a match up a color shade to previous orders. So if you by any chance decide to order curtains for the same room separately, there is a possibility that the color of your second order will not perfectly match to the color of the curtain products from you first order, though they will be close. This applies to fabric samples orders too.

Some people do not care or notice the difference in those color shades, but there are others who are concerned about perfect match of colors. Thus a wise move is this: while planning to acquire curtains for the same room, it is advisable to order them all together at the same time to be sure that their color matches.

Light Blocking - Light vs Dark Room

Before you order curtains, it is advisable for you to decide beforehand how much light you want to be blocked by the curtains (thus making your room darker) and /or how much of the light you want to go through, which will make your room lighter, when the drapes are closed at daytime.

Several tips about light blocking/penetrating ability different curtains have, or how they block/let light go through. The rule of thumb is: the darker color of the curtains, the more light they block and the darker they will make your room. And on the contrary, the lighter color of the curtains, the more light they allow to go through and the lighter they will make your room.

To be more specific: The lighter colors, which allow light to go through. Colors that let lots of light through are White (the most) and Natural in Fireside and Weathermate styles.

High light blocking and darkening effect have and are Chocolate Brown, Navy, and Black (the darkest). 

Thinness vs Thickness of the fabric

Many people think that the thicker the layer of insulation the better it insulates. It is not necessarily true. Why?
We are used to insulators like blankets, quilts and heavy clothing. They do not stop radiation of energy.
Before we were introduced to a product called a "space blanket" most of us believed that the thicker the insulation the better. "Space blanket" was developed for NASA. It is thin and looks a bit like a tarpaulin. It works very well for both radiant heat and conducted heat control. This technology has been adapted in the cold weather clothing industry and advertised as "Thinsulate" and is also used in Thermalogic and Insulated curtains.
Thermal (insulated) curtains use a very thin vapor barrier which blocks water vapor from penetrating the curtain and thermal energy from passing through the curtain. The apparent thinness of the insulation coating in curtains is no measure of their insulating value. The insulating liner acts as a vapor barrier, that is its primary purpose. This way it can control temperature changes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMMD9qJIj7A). Water vapor is a powerful force for moving heat or cold from a window to the inside of the house.  A thicker coating does not contribute to the insulating value.  In fact, a thicker coating has proven to be more likely to be damaged in use, ultimately defeating the purpose of insulation. 
Visual impressions do not indicate the level of insulation effect. So do not judge the book by its cover. Enjoy the beauty and benefits of Thermal curtains.

Machine Washable vs Dry Cleaning

Please, notice, that some curtains on our website are machine washable, for others Dry Cleaning in recommended by the fabric manufacturers. Care instructions are posted on each product description page.

Consider shrinkage of washable curtains made of cotton: Weathermate, Trellis and J Larson style curtains shrink after being washed in cold water and line dry about 1-3% in width and length. No drying in the dryer or dry clean! Please, include these numbers in your calculation. It might be more wise to install your curtain rod only AFTER washing the Weathermate or Trellis curtains in order to position your rod correctly. 

If you decide to return the curtains, please, refer to our Return Policy.