Quality Affordable Thermal Insulated Curtains and Drapes

Elevate Your Home Décor with Shadow Room-Darkening patio door panels

$32.29 – $37.69

Experience the perfect blend of style and function with the Shadow Curtains by Thermaplus TM. Crafted with the finest polyester cotton blend and a distinct slub texture, these plain-colored window patio door panels are the ideal choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their windows with both elegance and superior light-blocking capabilities. Transform any room in your home into a tranquil oasis with the curtains' total blackout feature, ensuring complete privacy and a relaxing ambiance. 

As an added bonus, the curtains also offer impressive cost-cutting benefits for your heating and cooling expenses, while effectively dampening unwanted noise. Choose the Shadow Curtains by Thermaplus TM to achieve both style and functionality in one sophisticated package.


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    Introducing the Shadow collection, a range of room-darkening curtains that seamlessly blend style and function to create a comfortable and elegant living space. These curtains feature eight matte silver metal grommets in the header, making them a breeze to hang and easy to open and close, all while draping beautifully with even pleats. Plus, they can be paired with a decorative curtain rod of your choice, up to 1 3/8” in diameter.

    The Shadow curtains are designed with a heavily accentuated slub pattern, giving them a rich texture that adds depth to any room. The face fabric is a blend of 55% polyester and 45% cotton, while the insulated backing is made of white multi-layered 100% polyester. This unique combination of materials makes the curtains durable, long-lasting, and resistant to wrinkles, making them a breeze to care for. Simply toss them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water, then hang them up to dry.

    Not only do these thermal window door panels provide an added layer of privacy, but they also boast superior light-blocking properties, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills while providing a sound-dampening effect. Elevate your home décor with the Shadow collection and create the perfect ambiance for any room in your home.

    Washable. The curtains can be washed in machine in cold-cold water on a gentle cycle, and hang to dry.