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$29.99 – $32.99

The Solstice Collection by Thermaplus® performs thermal efficiency and superior light-blocking capabilities while bringing freshness and harmony to the interior. These curtains are made of a solid, slightly striped textured woven fabric with a unique bonded multilayer foam to the back of each panel. Designed to create a total blackout restful environment and absolute privacy, they simultaneously provide sound dampening as well as heating and cooling cost-cutting benefits.


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    Sold as a single panel (1 piece, not a pair).

    The Solstice insulated curtains are generally lighter in comparison with other blackout curtains, but not worse in ability to block 100% of the incoming light. Special multilayer foam backing helps in cutting energy consumption costs by trapping in the warmth, keeping out the cold and reducing drafts during the winter. In the summer Solstice panels block and reflect the sun's heat, keeping your home more comfortable and decreasing air conditioning cost. 

    Properly installed, Solstice curtain panels will dampen noise from outside, block the incoming sunlight, the glare of streetlights and even car headlights, providing you with a full day and night time privacy and creating the restful atmosphere for a good night's sleep. In addition, they will block UV rays that can be harmful to your furniture, floors, carpets etc.

    Due to 8 matte silver metal grommets with 1 5/8" inside diameter in the header, Solstice room-darkening curtains are simple to hang and will glide open and close with ease. You are free to pair these curtains with a decorative curtain rod of your choice up to 1 5/8" in diameter.  You will be happy to find how beautifully they drape with elegant, precise pleats.

    The Solstice collection, made of textured woven fabric in light plain color, will exquisitely complement your interior. The face side of the panel is 100% polyester, while the foam backing is made of 100% acrylic fabric. These materials make Solstice curtains long lasting, durable, resistant to wrinkles, easy to clean and care for - machine wash them in cold-cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry.


    All Thermalogic® products pass rigorous quality control standards. We take the utmost care to ensure matching panel lengths, smooth hemlines, and the patterns flowing from one curtain to the next.

    Please, be advised that colors on your screen may differ from real products' color due to the different settings of the screens. If you are not sure about the color or texture of the fabric, you can order FREE SAMPLES here

    Washable. The curtains can be washed in machine in cold-cold water on a gentle cycle, and hang to dry.