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Ultimate Liner

$27.79 – $37.99

The Ultimate Liner collection by Thermaplus TM is the best option for smart and easily converting your favorite curtains you already have into 100% total blackout ones.


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    Sold as a single panel (1 piece, not a pair).

    The Ultimate Liner is made of bonded multilayered foam that creates hotel quality 100% true, total blackout surroundings. Blocking the incoming light and dampening sound, it will give you absolute privacy, as well as energy consuming cost-cutting benefits. Made from quality materials, the liner panel will be long-lasting and easy to clean.

    There is one 45-inch wide curtain liner in the package. You can combine it with any curtain that is 40" to 54" width. The Ultimate Liner has a multi-purpose header that can be paired with a Grommet Top, Pinch Pleat, Tab Top, and even a Tailored panel, and will be perfectly hidden behind it. Insulated liner can either be attached or hang behind your curtain, see additional pictures in Gallery.


    All our products pass rigorous quality control standards. We take the utmost care to ensure matching panel lengths, smooth hemlines, and the patterns flowing from one curtain to the next.

    Please, be advised that colors on your screen may differ from real products' color due to the different settings of the screens. If you are not sure about the color or texture of the fabric, you can order FREE SAMPLES here

    Washable. The curtains can be washed in machine in cold-cold water on a gentle cycle, and hang to dry.

    Thermal thermal curtain lining is useful not only in the cold but also in the heat! In the summer, your blackout curtains will help to keep the sun's heat at bay and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

    This will also allow you to improve your home's energy efficiency during the summer heat, as the insulated fabric of your blackout curtains will reduce the need for air conditioning.

    There is no longer a "cold wall" effect, resulting in improved thermal comfort.

    The temperature difference between the cold outside in winter and the heat inside the home causes a "cold wall" effect on windows. This is exacerbated if the window has only single glazing.

    This "cold wall" window effect has a significant impact on thermal comfort levels in any room of the house. Install thermal insulated or blackout curtains to limit the "cold wall" effect and reduce heat leaks through windows and doors.

    Thermal drapes offer insulation against heat, noise, and light

    Because of the thermal sheer curtains fabric's blackout qualities, these insulated curtains provide excellent insulation against heat leaks, noise pollution, and light pollution. Furthermore, the thick fabric of thermal insulated curtains is useful for adding privacy to your home.