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Seascapes Stripe

$38.29 – $48.39

The Seascapes Stripe collection by Outdoor DecorTM is a wonderful option for those wanting to turn their outdoor living area into their own private retreat styled in a relaxed and fashionable way. These curtain panels are designed of an elegant stripy satiny feel fabric that gently filters incoming light, providing the right amount of shade and privacy, and enhancing any outdoor ambiance.


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    Sold as a pair.

    The Seascapes collection by Outdoor DecorTM can be a wonderful choice for those homeowners who desire to turn their outdoor space into their own private resort designed in a relaxed yet elegant way. Made of a solid satiny feel fabric, these curtains gently filter the incoming light, giving you the perfect amount of shade and privacy, and upgrading the atmosphere of any outdoor corner.

    The Seascapes Stripe outdoor panels are created from fade-resistant fabric with UV protection, ensuring your curtains will stay vibrant and good-looking while shielding you, your décor and furniture from the sunrays. It’s mildew-resistant properties guard them from premature wear and tear, at the same time guaranteeing you no more unpleasant moldy odors nor black mold spots. Water repellent layer is another step of protection against mold that increases your curtains' life, rainwater will bead off the panel without penetrating throughout the fabric.

    These curtains have stainless steel grommets with 1 5/8" inside diameter that can withstand different weather conditions without rusting. The usable grommets also make panels simply to hang and remove for washing, as well as effortlessly glide to open and close. Two 50-inch full-width curtains in the package help you achieve the refined look with proper amount of fullness by using fewer panels.

    Tailored from a beautiful striped satiny woven fabric, Seascapes Stripe curtains filter the right amount of incoming light, providing you with some pleasing shade and privacy. Beautifully designed outdoor panels are made of high-quality and long-lasting fabric, 100% polyester, that is wrinkle resistant, easy to clean and to care for: machine wash them in a cold-cold water choosing a gentle cycle and hang to dry.

    Seascapes Stripe collection can instantly transform any outdoor area into a beautiful corner with relaxed and pleasant ambience. Their versatility and durability also allow you to use these outdoor curtains inside your home. In the interior, they will create an elegant look as well as an illusion of added space.


    All Outdoor DecorTM products pass rigorous quality control standards. We ensure there are no loose threads in the stitching or any uneven hems or edges. Our quality materials are dyed fast, contain no defects, and will last for years to come.

    Washable. The curtains can be washed in machine in cold-cold water on a gentle cycle, and hang to dry.