Shop By How Tall Curtains are

Shop By How Tall / Long Curtain Is

Find the curtans by how tall (long) they are. Length is vertical dimension (from top to bottom of the curtain). Length (height) is in inches.

Important for Measuring Length of Grommet Curtains: Keep in mind, that the length in Grommet Top curtains in measured overall - from top to bottom. You have to consider that there is a certain distance between the top of the curtaion panel and the upper point of the grommet or rod. It is 0.75" in Rhapsody Lined Curtains, 0.8" in Prelude Grommet Panel, 1.2 in Miller styles, and about 1" in other curtains. This particular distance is specified for Grommet top curtains on the product description page. Thus you need to subtract at least 1 inch from the length of the Grommet top curtains to get the right length for your window. For example, 63" tall Miller curtains the length from the rod to the bottom of the panel is 61.8 inches.

So if the distance from your installed rod to the bottom of your window is 94", you need at least 95" tall Grommet curtain to reach that point.

Consider shrinkage of certain styles of curtains: Weathermate, Allegra and Trellis style curtains shrink after being washed in cold water and line dry (according the care instructions) about 1-2% length wise. If you dry them in the drier at your own risk (it is NOT recommended!) they will shrink even more. Please, include these numbers in your calculation. It will be wise to install your curtain rod only AFTER washing Weathermatem Allegra or Trellis curtains in order to position your rod correctly.