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Why Conscious Consumption is So Important and How to Become a Smart Consumer
December 22, 2022

Why Conscious Consumption is So Important and How to Become a Smart Consumer

Conscious consumption is a thoughtful and responsible approach to shopping, a desire to find a balance between comfort and care for the environment.

Often, we do not even notice how much we buy, consume, or not, and then throw away. If you think about it, you may refuse some purchases without sacrificing your lifestyle. In addition, such a decision will only benefit the environment, as well as your personal finances. A conscious approach to consumption may help save nature from extra plastic and difficult to process garbage, improving the health of our planet. Also, your personal finances will benefit from such an approach, as it reduces the expenses on everyday needs, giving you more opportunities to invest, and put extra money in your savings or retirement account. 

Don't think about conscious consumption as about the rejection of all the benefits of modern society. This approach only involves the refusal to buy what you do not really need, just ask yourself “Do I really need these?" before making your next purchases.

What prevents us from being smart consumers?

Foremost, the unwillingness to know the truth about how the production and disposal of goods harm the environment. Most people tend to believe that personally they do not harm the environment, but purchasing harmful goods or products that have been produced by the manufacturers, which pollute nature, is the same.

The misconception that quality and good products that reduce harm to the environment are necessarily expensive is another reason. Since we all are trying to save now, most people used to think about money without taking into account the impact on the environment and future of our mother-planet. 

Last but not least is stress. In stressful situations and right away, we tend to make spontaneous purchases. Mostly, it's junk food that gives only momentary relief, or unnecessary clothes that never will be worn. 

Everyone can become a smart consumer - where to start?

Each person can make a small contribution to the health of our planet by making just a few small steps in changing his or hers lifestyle:

• thoughtfully and responsibly approach to each purchase, finding a balance between your own comfort and care for the environment;

• choose manufacturers who care about the environment;

• try to give things a second life - exchange, donate to charity or recycle;

• abandon fast fashion in favor of sustainable and high quality goods - it's always "cheaper" to purchase one more expensive thing that will last for years, then to purchase fast fashion items every season; 

• try to save electricity and water in your home as much as you can: run only full dishwater/washer or dryer, try to dry clothes without dryer, use thermal curtains, collect rainwater to water your home plants;

• switch to environmentally friendly household chemicals and cosmetics;

• look for the ecological friendly alternatives of the plastic: reusable bags instead of plastic ones in groceries stores, bamboo organizers for kitchen, upcycle jars to handmade holiday gifts;

• start sorting waste.

Living eco-friendly is a trend that is already becoming the routine for many. In addition, you can start small: make conscious and responsible purchases, reduce the amount of your garbage and at the same time save your own budget!

reduce the amount of your garbage and at the same time save your own budget!