Shop by width of your window

Window Width and Curtain or Valance Width

In the list down below you can see curtains width based on the width of a window in inches. Width is specified either for one (single) panel or for two panels, because certain window curtains are sold as a pair or a single panel.

Find the curtans by the size of your window, door or the opening you need to cover. Width is horisontal dimension (from left to right side of your window).

Important information: The width of the curtain product has to be BIGGER then the width of your casement.

There are a few reasons for that:

1. The width of the curtains are measured when they are stretched. When they are hanging on a rod they cannot be stretched, they are loose, i.e. they cover smaller width.

2. When grommet top curtains are put on the rod, grommets prevent the curtains to be stretched to their full width, normally the maximum width they are able to cover is about 85% of their listed width. The maximum width that grommet top curtains can accomodate is mentioned in each grommet top product desctiption page.

3. Normally people try to get a pair of pinch pleated and grommet top drapes to overlap in the middle, which take away a few inches. If pinch pleated drapes hang on the traverse rod, it is a common practice to get the drapes wrapped around its corners, which takes away additional 7-13 inches from their width.

4. Some washable curtains shrink after being washed (Weathermate and Trellis style). They lose 1-2% of the width after being washed in cold water and line dry (according to their care instructions). If they are dried in the drier (contrary to the care instructions), the shrinkage is much bigger.

Please, take into consideration all these factors while choosing the right width for your window or door.

Thermal insulating heat blocking curtains, also known as blackout curtains, provide four major benefits due to their high-quality insulated fabric: improved thermal insulation at a low cost, elimination of the "cold wall" effect for better heat levels in the home, improved comfort during periods of summer heat,and, finally, excellent thermal, noise, and light insulation.

Thermal insulation that is improved at a low cost

Thermal insulated curtains to keep cold out help to insulate your home by draping an insulatedfabric panel over any window or door. Heat leaks are common in these areas, especially if the room has a large feature window.

Of course, the additional insulating layer provided by thermal insulated curtains is dependent on the original thermal performance and energy efficiency of the window.

If your windows only have single glazing, thermal insulated curtains will make a bigger difference in terms of heat leakage, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency. If the window is already well-insulated thanks to double or triple glazing, the thermal insulated curtains door to keep heat out will have a less noticeable, but still beneficial, effect.

You can improve energy efficiency by installing double, or even triple, glazing on your windows from Thermal Window Curtains. Installing thermal insulated curtains, on the other hand, is unquestionably theless expensive option for a better-insulated window!